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relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon

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It's insufficient because however the carbonaceous material is made, it will be the same chemically and structurally, and thus Raman spectroscopy cannot determine the origin.
Hydrogen Isotopse in Lunar Volcanic Glasses and Melt Inclusions Reveal a Carbonaceous Chondrite Heritage.
Carbonaceous chondrites, which are thought to have delivered lots of water to the early Earth, make up less than 3 percent of known meteorites.
The exposures of various lithologies reviewed to date shows that coal seams occur within sequence of carbonaceous claystone, hosted by the Lemau Formation, and this carbonaceous claystone sequence has been identified at a number of locations within the concession.
The drill hole is to test both the surface oxide and the deeper carbonaceous mineralisation.
The process includes the steps of depositing a quantity of waste into a porous container, the porous container adapted to allow a convective stream of substantially anaerobic gas to flow there-through; inserting the porous container into a pyrolysis thermal processor; sealing the thermal processor; circulating the convective stream of gas through the pyrolysis thermal processor; heating the waste according to a first time-temperature profile to pyrolyze the waste and form a carbonaceous char; and cooling the carbonaceous char by circulating the convective stream of gas through a cooler.
Other subjects examined include dumbbell-shaped bisfullerene and conjugated oligomer hybrids, superelastic materials for tribological applications, ultraviolet light-filtering properties of fullerene materials, polymerization in the presence of carbonaceous nanoparticles, and fullerenes under pressure, adsorption, selective adsorption, and engineered adsorption.
The primary cause is, undoubtedly, the increased concentration of carbon dioxide formed by the ever increasing combustion of carbonaceous fuels.
The sources include carbonaceous matter, such as municipal solid waste, agricultural waste and wood.
101/03/1402 "Utilisation of alternative fuels in FBC Boilers (burned brown coal)" deals with the environmental, economic and technological utilisation of the process of fluid combustion of coal, carbonaceous waste and biomass.
The new Carbonaceous Fire Behaviour Training Facility will help improve fire-fighting techniques in residential and high rise fires.
and ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Company have signed an agreement that grants Tulsa-based Syntroleum a worldwide license under ExxonMobil's Gas to Liquids (GTL) patents to produce and sell fuels from natural gas or other carbonaceous substances such as coal.
There are deposits from Lusitanian, Kimmeridgian and Tithonian stages in the watershed section in the lateral ridge of Tengi, composed of carbonaceous and sandy-argillaceous rocks and are represented by two lithofacies.
I don't know about you, but that makes me about as mad as a carbonaceous geranium.