carbon process

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a process of printing on paper coated with bichromated gelatin containing pigment

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By harnessing, linking and marketing these competitive advantages, the region is in a very strong position to win a substantial amount of the low carbon process industry business that is planned for the coming twenty years.
Fresson studio using an old carbon process,popular in the 19th century with pictorialist photographers.
Activated carbon process has the highest cost per gallon, biological digestion requires a large investment in equipment and manpower, and reverse osmosis is relatively slow.
The ozone biologically activated carbon process consists of filtration, ozonation and biologically activated carbon.
Vesica is a three-times column distilled potato vodka and filtered three times through a revolutionary activated carbon process of first removing all impurities and then adding water for balance before finally going through a state-of-the-art ceramic candle process to give clarity to the vodka.