carbon monoxide

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an odorless very poisonous gas that is a product of incomplete combustion of carbon

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Having high levels of carbon monoxide gas in your home is dangerous and can even be tragic.
In 2013, the latest year data is available from the Michigan Department of Community Health, a total of 823 Michigan residents suffered unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning that resulted in 34 deaths.
Although the cause of the problem in Sutton is not yet established, it is not unusual for people to suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.
The Department of Health estimates the true number of people exposed to sub-lethal amounts of carbon monoxide is even greater, however.
Make sure you get all your fuel burning appliances checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer and, in the second line of defence, fit a carbon monoxide alarm.
A survey carried out last year by the Carbon Monoxide - Be Alarmed
Those poisoned by just low levels of carbon monoxide can go on to develop long-term chronic health problems.
They also said the ability of carbon monoxide to permeate drywall could explain some instances of carbon monoxide poisoning in attached residences.
Anne rushed downstairs and phoned 999, where she found their family dog, 12-year-old border terrier Buster, had also died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
Analysis of figures from the Health and Safety Executive shows that in the last five years, the number of incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning has risen by 90 per cent.
In fact, recent Department of Health research put the number of deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning at 50 this year with a further 4,000 people requiring a visit to hospital.
Across the UK, at least fifty people died last year after being poisoned by carbon monoxide and 4,000 were treated in hospital .
ALARMING: A British Gas engineer will be happy to fit a carbon monoxide alarm for you
Left untreated, carbon monoxide poisoning can result in death.
Accidental exposure to carbon monoxide is the number one cause of gas poisoning deaths in cars around the world.