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a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances

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In 2002 NASA climate researcher James Hansen, credited with broadening public concern about the air's increased carbon dioxide content through congressional testimony in 1988, wrote, "It is noteworthy that the current IPCC [greenhouse gas emission] scenarios have a growth rate in the 1990s that is almost double the observed rate," which he said "is consistent with their failure to emphasize data.
Their green buildings are always literally greened with an abundance of planting which is considered not just as a visual amenity but as a means of reducing the carbon dioxide content of the air and increasing its proportion of oxygen -- even quite small alterations in the balance between the two gasses has been shown by some studies to improve the sense of well-being (and performance) of the inhabitants of buildings.
With its controlled carbon dioxide content, the Stargon SS gas blend can be utilized in most austenitic stainless steel applications, particularly where weld metal carbon control is required.
When connected to a natural gas system, the GasPT2 provides a fast, accurate, close to real-time measurement of physical gas properties such as thermal conductivity, speed of sound and carbon dioxide content.
The moisture and carbon dioxide content in pipeline natural gas are two of the many parameters that must be monitored as a part of controlling the quality of the gas.
In experiments doubling the air's carbon dioxide content, the productivity of most herbaceous plants rises 30 percent to 50 percent, while the growth of woody plants rises more so.
The stated aim is to make electricity at less than 5(cent)/kW and gasoline at less than $1/gal -- while reducing carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.
The new tariff also reduced the acceptable carbon dioxide content in delivered LNG from 1.
The stated aim is to make electricity at less than 5 cents/kW and gasoline at less than $1/gal -- while reducing carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.
Some of the zones tested in the well had a higher carbon dioxide content than previous wells.
Development of cost-effective means to separate carbon dioxide during the production process will improve this advantage over other fossil fuels and enable the economic production of gas resources with higher carbon dioxide content that would be too costly to recover using current carbon capture technologies, Tour said.
Fizzy drinks in general are bad for your health because of the carbon dioxide content, said Dr Lochan.
Depending on the application, around 2m1 are now adequate for determining the oxygen or carbon dioxide content.
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