carbon dioxide

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a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances

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The chapter 5 summarizes liquid carbon dioxide prices data.
He explained that when carbon dioxide is pumped into an oil reservoir, about 40 per cent of the carbon dioxide gets stored in the reservoir.
The idea of capturing carbon dioxide and pumping it underground is gaining traction in the power sector.
For the study, Caldeira and lead author Long Cao, did not focus on any specific method of capturing and storing carbon dioxide from the ambient air.
But soils of non-managed ecosystems appear to have a limited and diminished capacity to clean up excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere," said Six.
If Greenpeace and the Sierra Club believe that carbon dioxide induces global warming, it must be treated with scepticism, given that so much else that they claim is unbalanced.
kg) carbon dioxide Television 62 Home computer 119 Refrigerator 562 Central air- conditioning 1,256 Source: U.
Yet while Bush's carbon dioxide pledge represented a political and policy breakthrough for advocates, the restriction of other e4nissions from power plants was a far more important public health goal in the near term.
The project, code-named Carbon Neutral Newcastle, aims to set up schemes which reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote ways in which businesses and residents can cut back on the CO2 they generate.
Researchers would harvest carbon dioxide from the air, reducing buildup of the so-called "greenhouse gas" in the atmosphere and allowing it to be converted into fuel.
The faster growing trees remove carbon dioxide from the air more efficiently, produce oxygen, and the carbon is stored as wood.
Today, the urban forests found within city parks across the country serve not only as recreational and social centers, but also as organic sponges for various forms of pollution and as storehouses of carbon dioxide to help offset global warming.
Water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other gases trapped in the atmosphere help keep Earth warm enough to sustain life.
According to a 1998 paper by Gunnar Myhre in Geophysical Research Letters, the direct warming effect of carbon dioxide was overestimated.
When you breathe out, this carbon dioxide is carried out of your body.