carbon copy

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Synonyms for carbon copy

Synonyms for carbon copy

a copy made with carbon paper


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Carbon Copy is also the only remote control software to be selected by both Netscape and Microsoft for integration in the Navigator(TM) and Internet Explorer(TM) 3.
In using Carbon Copy to work with a customer, HP support personnel request authorization to take control of the customer's PC.
Workers in the downtown building were slowly becoming pieces of carbon copy paper, leaving black smudges everywhere.
Through such a process a resume may be tailored to career plans--and NAIL THE RESUME gets the job done by providing the tools to create not the carbon copy resume, but something entirely unique--and even more effective.
Furthermore, the Greens' system was virtually a carbon copy of the U.
Other features include an HTML text editor, new message notification, multiple attachments, address books with Outlook Express importing, group list support, real-time SPAM-filtering, blind carbon copy, spell check and more.
13, a near carbon copy of Alister MacKenzie's famed par-5 13th at Augusta, complete with a creek running diagonally in front of an elevated green.
Las Lomas is a carbon copy of both of these ``in your face'' rulings by our city and county officials.
Fisher encourages consumers to carbon copy everyone from the state attorney to the attorney general to the local probate judge, as they may be able to intervene on your behalf.
For parents tired of carbon copy cut 'n' style dolls, Kailey, the newest American Girl Today, will be a breath of fresh air.
The carbon copy plants that produce Ford's I-4 engine family began the process of equipment and layout commonization (see May 2002 AD&P, "Ford's Future Factory--Now
HResults were taken from the bank of screens and added to the top copy of the bet with the carbon copy placed underneath.
On February 14, they announced the arrival of "cc," short for carbon copy.
21 Nature, researchers at Texas A&M University in College Station announced that they had cloned a cat, producing a seemingly healthy kitten they named Cc for Carbon copy.
Use the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) facility rather than simple CC (Carbon Copy) in email to hide this information,' he advised.