carbon 14

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a radioactive isotope of carbon

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Likewise, the Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund denied Cape Farewell a grant because of the focus of Carbon 14.
Knowing the rate at which Carbon 14 decays enables us to date previously living material.
Above-ground nuclear tests led to very high levels of the radioactive isotope carbon 14 in the environment.
3 years, it takes almost 6,000 for the same thing to happen with Carbon 14.
Aboveground nuclear bomb tests during the Cold War led to skyrocketing levels of the radioactive isotope carbon 14 in the environment.
Eg - most fossils contain carbon 14 (half life = 5,730 years).
Dendrochronology of bristlecone pine and European oaks has been checked against carbon 14 measurements.
The new test involves drinking a small amount of vitamin B-12 labeled with radioactive carbon 14 (14C) and collecting a single drop of blood.
Their conclusion was based on Carbon 14 analysis (C-14) following a protocol agreed to by the Vatican, with research performed in three laboratories chosen by the Archbishop of Turin.
Future research will include carbon 14, cesium 137, and lead 210 dating methods to calculate the sediment accumulation rates and age of sand layers from the two vibracores and four push cores taken at the pond to allow the paleoenvironmental history to be reconstructed.
carbon 14 dissolved in toluene and other volatile fluids was being burned.