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Synonyms for bur

seed vessel having hooks or prickles

small bit used in dentistry or surgery

remove the burrs from


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00085-2012-0016 establishment of a framework agreement: "Regular deliveries of supplies in the following lots: I -" General dental supplies ", II -" Diamond and carbide bur and cutters ", III -" Polishing and composite materials ", IV - "Pins of titanium and fiberglass", V - "Supplies dentistry", VI - "Small and large dental instruments and peripherals", VII - "Means for small and large dental instruments and peripherals" for the needs of MMA and its subsidiary structures in the country, according to technical specification - Application 1 (integral part of the documentation).
The Hicoat tungsten carbide burs offer superior chip removal, reduced tool wear, and lower heat loads when working on metals, such as hardened, heat-treated steels and heat-resistant alloys such as cast iron and soft, nonferrous metals.
Aluminium oxide-coated abrasive discs, diamond burs (25-30 micron), multifluted carbide burs (8-, 12-, 16- and 30-fluted), impregnated rubber cups/points and discs, diamond-coated abrasive strips and polishing pastes are the most commonly used.
The catalog features five new product lines that include Alpha Green stainless steel cut-off wheels, Sigma Green wheels for stainless and aluminum, carbide burs, MX Plus mounted points, and High Speed Type 1 grinding wheels.