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a Eurasian plant with small white flowers yielding caraway seed

leaves used sparingly in soups and stews

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Drought induced marked changes in fatty acid composition of caraway seeds and mainly that of the petroselinic one which is reduced by 15 and 20.
At that point I would quickly grind or blitz up in a blender the caraway seeds, then add to the oil.
Lightly toast the caraway seeds in a dry pan, to release their oils, and add to the bread.
Paprika turkey Serves four Ingredients One large onion, chopped One green pepper de-seeded and chopped 25g (1oz) butter One tablespoon flour One and a half tablespoons paprika pepper One tablespoon tomato puree One teaspoon sugar 300ml (half a pint) chicken stock 350g (12oz) cooked turkey cut into bite-sized pieces 5fl oz (quarter pint) natural yoghurt Salt and pepper to taste Half a teaspoon caraway seeds (optional) Parsley to garnish Method Heat butter in a pan and fry onion and green pepper for five minutes.
As well as the sponge there was always a slab cake, usually fruit but sometimes my mother made one containing caraway seeds that only my dad that ate; he didn't exactly endear me to it by calling it 'Boogie cake' because he said the seeds looked like head lice.
Add dried cherries or cranberries and red onions to cranberry relish; heat cooked fresh green beans with butter, fresh ginger and a little grated lemon zest; saute brussels sprouts with caraway seeds, bacon, onion and a splash of cider vinegar; serve green beans with kalamata olives and a creme fraiche dressing with a hint of lemon; or roast spears of sweet potatoes and top with a favorite bacon vinaigrette or aioli.
2 red bell peppers, roasted and skinned 2 tablespoons fresh red chilies, chopped, seeds retained 1-2 garlic cloves, crushed 1/2 teaspoon coriander seeds, toasted 2 teaspoons caraway seeds Olive oil Salt Place red peppers, chilies and seeds, garlic, coriander and caraway seeds, and pinch of salt in blender or food processor.
Put the onion, sausages, potatoes and caraway seeds in a large roasting tin in one layer.
The crushed wheat gives an appetising country appearance to the baked products, the flavour of which can be further enhanced when dressed with caraway seeds.
Beer Mustard: Use 1/2 cup of beer and 1/4 cup of malt vinegar instead of the 7/8 cup of malt vinegar, a pinch of ginger, cinnamon and caraway seeds .
Depending on the season, they'd be topped with sauerkraut, steamed cabbage, caraway seeds, or lecso (read on for info on this).
The following ingredients were from his kitchen or garden: parsley, thyme, oregano, olive oil, bay leaf, caraway seeds, stick cinnamon, clove, salt, pepper and butter.
Add the cabbage, celery, vinegar, and caraway seeds.
Onion and garlic seasonings are baked into the chip, which is then finished with a sprinkling of sesame, poppy and caraway seeds.