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an inn in some eastern countries with a large courtyard that provides accommodation for caravans

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He, to validate the tomb of Imam Ali (AS) and the provision of facilities for the pilgrims made his utmost efforts and while building the caravanserai around the shrine, also made some endowments on the holy place.
The Buddha sat tranquil, his calm shattered by the laughter of little children at Gol Gathri, a medieval caravanserai.
Bitlis contains four caravanserais, three large and twelve small mosques, three baths, eight Armenian churches, and one Nestorian: the large mosques have each one very tall minaret, which has a pleasing effect, and they are said to be very ancient Mohammedan buildings.
For something a little more unusual, luxury establishments can also be found in converted cave dwellings in Cappadocia and renovated caravanserais in the east of the country.
Islamic Architecture: Majestic domes and minarets, ornamented pulpits of mosques and religious schools, palaces, courtyards, beautiful gardens with water fountains and fragrant roses, spacious caravanserais and tombs decorated with patterned brickwork, tile mosaic often in blue, golden and green, splendid molded mihrab facings with columnar bands of Qur'anic inscriptions, sophisticated geometrical and floral engravings and high ramparts.
There were industrial sections in some caravanserais as well
com) plays live music; Karvansara Restaurant, Old City, is set in 14th century caravanserais.
Issos Ruins, plateaus on Mount Amanos, Sokullu Kulliye (including shops, Turkish baths, caravanserais, inns, masjids, madrasahs) are some of the cultural sites one can visit in Hatay.
23) But in Manrique's account of the caravanserais (way-stations) for the passengers and merchants there are no speculations because he clearly mentions that these places were a site for this gainful profession and further that the women paid taxes to the state for allowing them to continue with their business.
68) Even when some embassies came unannounced, the caravanserais in Central Asia had been instituted and given funds so that foreign embassies would not pay.
The caravanserais, souks, hammams and charitable institutions which share the same architectural language throughout the Muslim world are not compared or discussed.
The city and its fortifications were probably built at the same period along with the mosques, bazaars, rabads and caravanserais mentioned by Hafiz-i Abru (Krawulsky 1982: 47).
The first paper Developing a Visual Lexical Model for Semantic Management of Architectural Visual Data Design of Spatial Ontology for Caravanserais of Silk Roads by Elham Andaroodi et al overviews the methodology to create a multi-lingual ontology for caravanserai, an historical type of cultural heritage buildings from the Middle East.
Meanwhile, she has taken her prominent place in Turkish history with the identity of "a charitable-religious Hatun Sultan" by patronising building activities with the construction of several structures such as caravanserais, mosques, etc.
The country is full of ruins, both of the caravanserais of the old Silk Road and of the great Khanates, as in the Seistan Desert or at Balkh, now just a circle of uneven grassy tumuli grazed by sheep, but once a thriving and populous city.