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the practice of taking holidays in a caravan

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Many of you will not need telling that caravanning is one of the most popular leisure activities, with thousands of sites in the UK and Europe to entice you away for a fun, relaxing and independent holiday.
You can join the club to make caravanning even cheaper.
We like the freedom of going anywhere we want and meeting other people who enjoy caravanning.
For more information about caravanning and motorhomes, contact The Motorhome Information Service at www.
IF you've never tried caravanning before you could be in for a surprise.
Typically, far less than 1 per cent of road accidents in the UK involve caravans and enhancing the image of caravanning through safe, courteous towing is a key part of the Caravan Club courses.
More people are starting to realise that caravanning is no longer about bobble hats but that it's an excellent way of spending a family holiday.
New figures show that caravanning is becoming more popular.
CARAVANNING has proved a big hit with Sue Flush and her family from Irby, Wirral, who travel the UK extensively.
However, there are many opinions and prejudices held by the British public about caravanning.
CARAVANNING is continuing to grow rapidly in popularity for summer holidays and short breaks, both in the UK and abroad.
CARAVANNING can cut carbon dioxide emissions, according to figures out today.
As seen in the news over the past week caravanning is now officially back in fashion, led by home-grown celebrity caravanners, including supermodel Kate Moss, singer Robbie Williams and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver(1).
CARAVANNING holidays are shaking off their old-fashioned image and embracing a new wave of fans as "caravan cool" spreads across the nation.