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hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles

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We divided the carapace fragments into six regions: cephalic, anterolateral, lateral, posterolateral, caudal, and dorsal.
Materials--The specimen IGM 9562 from Tamaulipas is moderately well preserved and includes: atlas, right scapula, right and left humeri, right ulna; right metacarpal II, right ungual phalanx, digits II, IV, and V of the manus; pelvis; right phalanx II, digits III and V, two right ungual phalanges, of the pes; two caudal vertebrae; seven chevrons; nearly complete carapace divided in various fragments and isolated osteoderms (Figs.
Because no lesions developed when bacteria were applied to intact carapace surfaces (n = 2; each challenged and rechallenged 3 times for 3 wk), to facilitate lesion development, a method was developed to erode the epicuticle layer by abrading the lateral carapaces with fine (400-grit) sandpaper prior to filter placement.
ESD is characterized by severe, deep erosions of the cuticle that extend laterally and, more characteristic of this disease than others, spreads irregularly over the dorsal carapace of the animal (Smolowitz et al.
Consequently, we restricted our analysis to sexually mature turtles, those with a carapace length greater than 200 mm (Ernst et al.
Variation in carapace morphology and reproduction in the red-eared slider Trachemys scripta elegans.
It is an elongate form with a smooth carapace and curved abdomen.
The diagnosis of the genus Metacarcinus, with reference to the carapace only, is, "Carapace ovate, about two-thirds wider than long.
The estimated carapace size of the Louisiana specimen would be unusually great for Eretmochelys or Lepidochelys, reasonable for Chelonia, and probably of subadult dimensions for Caretta, based on comparisons to the extant species.
Dodd & Morgan (1992) discussed specimens from the Bone Valley Formation of Florida which may be conspecific with the North Carolina and Louisiana specimens, but reported no carapace material directly comparable.
For snow crabs, regulations impose a minimum carapace width of 90 mm for males, and prohibit female landings.
Among adults, one size distribution accounted for [greater than or equal to] 90% of females regardless of carapace wear.
We tested several media for isolation of bacteria from shell lesions and normal carapaces (ASA, SA, SAII and MA).
Protistians were associated with portions of the lesions in many of the animals and occurred in eroded carapaces of animals from all areas sampled.