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Synonyms for carambola

East Indian tree bearing deeply ridged yellow-brown fruit

deeply ridged yellow-brown tropical fruit

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Field trials to attract fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) in commercial sapodilla, mamey sapote and carambola orchards in Puerto Rico.
Gently press a carambola slice into the filling until the top of the filling and the top of the slice are level.
Butyl acetate was also detected in guava fruits and bornyl acetate was detected in carambola fruits and was describe to impart sweet green aroma (Mahattanatawee et al.
A unit of Danish shipping and oil group AP Moller-Maersk, Maersk Oil said the Carambola B well found hydrocarbons in 130 metres of water, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) off the coast.
Croix Carambola Beach Resort & Spa, Sand Castle on the Beach and Tamarind Reef Hotel on St.
What name is given to the ten-sided yellow Blanchett win the 2005 BAFTA award for best fruit of the carambola tree?
John; and the Buccaneer, Carambola Beach Resort & Spa, Chenay Bay Beach Resort, Club Comanche, Club St.
There also are basic recipes designed for customization: the "basic fruit sorbet" calls for puree of the fruit (plus the nonalcoholic liquid) of your choice, so anything from the carambola growing in my backyard to the peaches at your local farm stand are candidates.
The band comprises the team around Carambola, namely Cuban born vocalist, guitarist, percussionist, composer and arranger Minel Oreste West Melendez, keyboard player Muriel Marco from Argentine, percussionist Joseph Avergel from Israel and Andre Webb on bass from Cape Town.
Evaluated Land-use Groups Land-use Group Crops/Land Uses Included Pineapples Pineapples Field Crops Dasheen, cassava, sweet potato, yam Fruit Tree Crops Sugar apple, custard apple, carambola, guava, Indian jujube, wax apple Vegetable Crops Onions, peanuts, cucumber, tomato, sweet/hot pepper, string beans Pasture/Grass Crops Grass for feeding livestock (e.
While rambutan and other fruits such as mamey sapote (mam-EY sa-PO-tey), lychee, longan, carambola, mangosteen, and sapodilla may not be typical stateside fare, they are often the center of attention at TARS.
The ride descends 200 feet to the beach and Carambola Gardens, which teem with macaws, green parrots and monkeys that have a predisposition for stealing hats.
squamosa), carambola (Averrhoa carambola), new bananas (Musa cultivars) and a range of citrus trees, including sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata), rough lemon (Citrus limon x medica), lime (Citrus aurantifolia) and sour orange (Citrus aurantium).
What name is given to the ten-sided yellow fruit of the carambola tree?