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Synonyms for carafe

Synonyms for carafe

a bottle with a stopper


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BEIRUT: It's a skill the Lebanese practice with nonchalant ease and foreigners struggle to perfect: the art of tilting a carafe at just the right pace and angle to deliver a perfect mouthful of water, easily swallowed, not a drop spilled.
Kudos to the officer that found them because the seven carafes were in boxes concealed in luggage.
Innocent would not reveal any further details of the new products, but predicted the carafes would stand out better in the chilled juice aisle than the carton format and said they were also easier for consumers to use and recycle.
Should I be thinking about carafe shape and blade design?
And a half carafe of a crisp sauvignon blanc from France's Loire Valley proved a suitable match for both dishes.
And like the original model, it brews into an internal chamber, rather than a carafe.
The Pur Advantage CR-1500R ($18) received Consumer Reports' (CR) highest overall score for carafes, testing high for flow rate and the ability to remove chloroform, lead and off-tastes.
Individual funnels (black for coffee, translucent for iced tea, and white for all others) and carafes for each beverage ensure there is no bad taste carryover.
50 per piece and the new Diamante glass range that includes carafes, jugs, vases and salad bowls, priced from pounds 3.
But containers exist for wine delivery to the table other than the traditional 750 ml bottle: carafes, half carafes, quartinos (a quarter liter or 250 ml), flights and one-ounce and two-ounce tastings, to name a few.
Wine/Corkage: Extensive seven page list has 21 wines by the glass ($10 to $38) served in elegant, thin carafes.
Sainsbury and Spar have both delisted the one-litre carafes of the not-from-concentrate brand, which comes in a range of flavours, following what they said were disappointing sales.
It is accompanied by really pretty cut-glass reusable carafes that are dishwasher safe.
This year, Germany's Emsa had one of the more stunning displays, flanking its booth with a 40-foot grid of more than 400 gleaming chrome thermal carafes.