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Synonyms for carafe

Synonyms for carafe

a bottle with a stopper


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Summary: It's a skill the Lebanese practice with nonchalant ease and foreigners struggle to perfect: the art of tilting a carafe at just the right pace and angle to deliver a perfect mouthful of water, easily swallowed, not a drop spilled.
Hazard: The glass carafe can fall out of the metal frame and plastic base of the coffee press and break or shatter, posing laceration and burn hazards to consumers.
The agent became suspicious August 7 when a box containing the thermal coffee carafes was discovered during a baggage search.
Innocent Drinks is supercharging its sustainability credentials by switching its juices from Tetra Pak to plastic carafes.
Inoteca's carafes contain half a bottle of vino; guests can choose from 25 selections, both reds and whites, ranging from a simple soave to more obscure wines from Friuli.
50 per piece and the new Diamante glass range that includes carafes, jugs, vases and salad bowls, priced from pounds 3.
Even better, a generous offering of half bottles (actually 375-milliliter carafes, filled from the full-size bottles) made it easier for a table of two to match wines to courses.
Morecroft said he's frequently cornered at social events by consumers who complain about the constant need to replace easily broken glass carafes for drip brewers.
A quick detour to grab a tea in the office's coffee room, where piping carafes of java wafted temptingly, proved that his alert countenance wasn't merely a caffeine-induced facade either.
Available in Original and Calcium varieties, the carafes will be parity priced with other premium, not-from-concentrate juices and will be supported with a full-year advertising plan.
Pour-through carafes are the most popular way for consumers to filter their water in small batches.
Individual funnels (black for coffee, translucent for iced tea, and white for all others) and carafes for each beverage ensure there is no bad taste carryover.
Variable strength brewing and a one-to-four cup brewing option ensure great taste, even when making small pots, while improved glass and thermal carafes allow for more precise pouring.
Start your own collection with the classical white Cirque textured dining range, from EUR3 per piece and the new Diamante glass range that includes carafes, jugs, vases and salad bowls, priced from EUR5.
But containers exist for wine delivery to the table other than the traditional 750 ml bottle: carafes, half carafes, quartinos (a quarter liter or 250 ml), flights and one-ounce and two-ounce tastings, to name a few.