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Synonyms for carafe

Synonyms for carafe

a bottle with a stopper


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When it's time to entertain, Triple Brew makes it easy by brewing a 42-ounce carafe of coffee in less than six minutes.
To brew, add water and place the lid on the carafe with the plunger fully pulled up.
BEIRUT: It's a skill the Lebanese practice with nonchalant ease and foreigners struggle to perfect: the art of tilting a carafe at just the right pace and angle to deliver a perfect mouthful of water, easily swallowed, not a drop spilled.
The use of the word 'wild' twice in the description certainly seemed to indicate a certain amount of craziness so Dawn was preparing herself with a glass of the half carafe of white wine.
0 systems offer the ability to brew both a single cup using K-Cup packs and a carafe using the new K-Carafe pack.
In an about-turn, when I ventured to Urban Bistro in Dubai Media City recently, I found to my surprise that it provides customers with unlimited local water in a carafe.
When you took the carafe out, it had the bubble pop wrapping and it looked great.
The Jura brand's Coffee a la Carte Cup-to-Carafe Coffee & Tea Maker weds two popular trends in coffeemakers, single-serve and carafe style, along with enabling the user to brew tea.
THE SAMBA QUICK-PRESS CARAFE FROM EMSA BY FRIELING brings the latest fashion colors to consumers' tabletop assortment.
Innocent is expanding its carafe range of juices with two blended products.
For every carafe purchased, CHF 1 is donated to charitable water projects.
It comes with two travel mugs for preparing both types of coffee on a typical weekday, and a 10-cup thermal carafe which is ideal for making a quantity of coffee over the weekend.
We were really enchanted by the quartino during our travels to Italy," says George Elkins, managing director at Mangia Hospitality Group, owner of Gusto and Centro Vinoteca, referring to the small carafe that delivers a glass and a half of wine.
For a limited time collector's points appeared on the packages, and whoever cut out and submitted four of them got either the carafe or two glasses.
The visit was part of my dad's "milestone" birthday celebrations, so the wine arrived in an excellent value litre carafe.