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Synonyms for carafe

Synonyms for carafe

a bottle with a stopper


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Taking traditional objects such as the carafe or the low-slung Oriental brass coffee table as their starting point, the pair has transposed them into shiny brass, sleek glass and leather -- materials perfectly at home amid the streamlined, polished contemporary furniture by today's globally recognized names.
0 home brewing system, consumers are able to brew both a single cup and a carafe of coffee from a Keurig brand pack.
0 Brewing System, and the Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System that is designed for office and foodservice locations.
He added: "Accordingly we view the free carafe of water as a service to our customers in line with traditional regional hospitality while simultaneously promoting sustainable practices.
A suspicious border services agent dug a little bit deeper and discovered five kilograms of black tar opium hidden in seven coffee carafes at the Calgary, Alberta, International Airport.
The Quick-Press closure makes opening and closing the carafe as simple as pressing the button on the lid.
The revamp of the Innocent juice range early last year and introduction of the carafe packaging have played a major role in increasing sales of the over-all brand by 17.
We were really enchanted by the quartino during our travels to Italy," says George Elkins, managing director at Mangia Hospitality Group, owner of Gusto and Centro Vinoteca, referring to the small carafe that delivers a glass and a half of wine.
For a limited time collector's points appeared on the packages, and whoever cut out and submitted four of them got either the carafe or two glasses.
The visit was part of my dad's "milestone" birthday celebrations, so the wine arrived in an excellent value litre carafe.
And a half carafe of a crisp sauvignon blanc from France's Loire Valley proved a suitable match for both dishes.
As water flows through the carafe, activated carbon in the filter clings certain contaminants to its surface, while an ion exchange resin binds heavy metals.
75 litre PET carafe for Pure Premium[TM] orange juice with the innovative IDEAL[TM] closure supplied by Crown's Metal Closures Division.
Carafe looks to be an interesting competitor in the Clint Eastwood Maiden Stakes on the same card.
Of course, if you found misogyny in Currin's earlier work, you won't be won over by, say, The Lobster (all works 2001), in which a woman's head and shoulders extend horizontally into the frame to become the stand for a traditional still life--fish, bread, fruit, carafe, even a violin, as well as the eponymous crustacean.