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a soldier (historically a mounted soldier) who is armed with a carbine

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Ripping Gloves (PETZEL), Rubber sheets for Rope Protector 2x2, Rubber Sheets for Rope Protector 2 x1, Backup (self blay), Equipment (Rope) carry bags, Sling Ascender, Carabineers Screw type, Jammer Acender L+R.
In 1670-71, Sir James Turner writes: "The Carabineers carry their Carabines in Bandileers of Leather about their neck, a far easier way than long ago, when they hung them at their Saddles.
The law followed example of several constabulary forces (so-called 'carabinieri/gendarmerie like forces') from the Mediterranean countries, for instance the Italian Carabineers, the French National Gendarmerie or the Turkish Gendarmerie which are military units, but perform internal security tasks.
Liquid spills in the kitchen present a slipping hazard; wear and tear on zip line cables, carabineers, and pulleys present a fall risk from height; woodchuck holes in playing fields, which sometimes seem to appear overnight, can result in nasty injuries if you step in them while running.
The Rescue One CDS II is certified to TMA Standards and comes with Replaceable Back Cover, Lineman's Rope, Tree Anchor Strap and three carabineers, instructional booklet and DVD.
The hand-carry strap is adjustable and there are twin D-rings for a shoulder-carry strap and carabineers.
I would say our troops' operations, including reducing or removing the existing as Prime Minister Berlusconi announced during the last visit of President Bush to Rome, but also our recent decision to cooperate even more on training Afghani police by sending an additional number of Carabineers that are broadly appreciated.
For example, the Abbotsford and Battleford Carabineers, if such a unit existed, would be "ABC.