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water buffalo of the Philippines

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They discovered strong links between the carabao and its relatives in China.
Escudero said unlike tractors, carabaos do not require fuel which is getting increasingly expensive and heavily susceptible to price fluctuations.
Our partnership with Flex Analytics allows us to bring our unique and powerful Carabao Linguistic Virtual Machine (TM) to some of the most important big data challenges in the Federal space.
is an international human language technology company that produces customized, secure enterprise and mobile Machine Translation (MT), Text Analytics solutions and Natural Language User Interfaces based on LinguaSys' proprietary Carabao and TG line (Translation Generation) of server-based and mobile products for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and consumer smart phones.
The Chairman of the House Special Committee on Food Security is seeking an inquiry into the state of the country's Carabao Development Program, which was started in 1992, because of the declining carabao inventory that indicates problems in the industry.
Once Carabao discerns the meaning of content, it provides natural language understanding, text analysis or translates the meaning into other languages.
LinguaSys' Carabao middleware engine makes new MT languages and customized lexical services easier to use and compatible with existing natural language software.
Contract awarded for Office Equipment Supplies and Consumables for Carabao Project
LinguaSys is an international language translation and text analytics software company that develops enterprise MT (Machine Translation) languages based on Carabao MT technology and the TG (Translation Generation) line of mobile translation client and server-based products.
GRAFTED -HEIGHT: 3-4 FT -SIZE OF PLASTIC BAG: 9 x 13 -STRAIN: LAMAO -VARIETY: CARABAO, Certified Planting Materials BPI Certification of the CPM With availability of stocks
Carabao Group is projecting to raise more than Bt250 million from the capital market after filing an application to the Securities and Exchange Commission in late June for an initial public offering.
LinguaSys is an international language translation software company that develops enterprise MT languages based on Carabao MT technology and the TG line of MT client and server-based products.
Rizal now becomes the unofficial national hero, carabao the unofficial national animal, mango the unofficial national fruit, bangus the unofficial fish, the baro't saya as the unofficial national costume and so on," Relampagos stressed.
Contract awarded for supply, delivery, installation, certification, testing and commissioning of tools & equipment for the carabao dairy processing shared service facility
Formed through a joint venture agreement with leaders in the MT field - Brian Garr, Can Unal of iCore Effective in Germany, and Vadim Berman of Digital Sonata in Australia - LinguaSys develops new MT languages for Carabao technology invented by Digital Sonata.