car transporter

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a long truck for carrying motor vehicles


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Tower of London poppies form an eye-catching piece called Wave 2) The road is re-opening - slowly M62 shut in both directions by huge car transporter fire 3) Bid to raise money for Trust fund for young children of tree surgeon Martin Hanks killed in a tragic accident at work Dad of two died when he was struck by a branch while working at the former All Hallows Church in High Hoyland 4) Breaking news: a man has been arrested in connection with the Brighouse towpath sex attack.
Drivers were caught in major tailbacks on the M6 around Rugby after the car transporter crashed with the car at about 6.
The prosecutor explained that Vizard was driving an Iveco car transporter, which did not have a rear view mirror, reversing lights or a reversing sound, although a subsequent investigation found that there was nothing wrong with the truck.
CARS WASH Car transporter drives into the flood on the road
Lorries and car transporter trailers left overnight might be seen as an opportunity by criminals too.
There were hundreds of trucks of all sizes with every conceivable types of load - huge aluminium coils; beams and pipes; building materials; a car transporter carrying a load of pickups; container lorries; refrigerated trucks and tarp-covered trailers.
John Langton, head of risk management at DB Schenker, which owns the site, said the car transporter train on to which the three boys climbed on August 9 last year was "waiting for disposal.
Hundreds of mourners watched as he made his final journey in his coffin on a car transporter to his funeral in accordance with his wishes.
25pm on Friday between junctions seven and eight in Worcestershire as a small car transporter hit the rear of a lorry and veered into the central reservation.
The 30-tonne vehicle then rode over the Peugeot and into the back of a car transporter lorry, the court heard.
Q WOULD my Pullmore car transporter with loading ramp be a sought-after model - and what would the approximate value be?
Based in Indianapolis with over 100 celebrity owners, MiCAR is revolutionizing IndyCar team ownership by allowing fans and businesses of all sizes the ability to post their Facebook profile pic on an Indy Car and Indy Car Transporter, as well as the ability to buy into various levels of ownership experience.
COMMUTERS faced hours of misery on the M62 last night after a car transporter caught fire.
The 590ft-long Hoegh Osaka car transporter was deliberately grounded on Saturday after it began to list just 45 minutes after leaving Southampton, Hants.
Carl Roberts Sounds like now is the time to buy a car transporter, carry eight cars at a time, charge PS5 a car and still make a profit shuttling across the bridge