car transporter

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a long truck for carrying motor vehicles


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The car transporter, from Falkirk Car Carriers in Scotland, was carrying two vehicles including a Range Rover at the time of the incident.
The mechanic later received a call from the road workers, asking him to move the car transporter.
CARS WASH Car transporter drives into the flood on the road
The event features displays by the log wagon, the biomass truck and the car transporter, as well as machines from the rail division and even a plane.
The scene on the bridge was a mass of tangled cars, lorries and even a car transporter as one witness said "all you could hear was cars crashing".
In addition, Mutual's brand will be highlighted on Andretti's driving suit, team fire suits, team car transporter, pit equipment and collateral materials.
The 24-year-old's drunken act was branded "sheer lunacy" by magistrates who heard how he rode the speedboat in front of fishing boats and a Nissan car transporter ship, putting lives at risk.
Lorries and car transporter trailers left overnight might be seen as an opportunity by criminals too.
Hundreds of mourners watched as he made his final journey in his coffin on a car transporter to his funeral in accordance with his wishes.
The 30-tonne vehicle then rode over the Peugeot and into the back of a car transporter lorry, the court heard.
Q WOULD my Pullmore car transporter with loading ramp be a sought-after model - and what would the approximate value be?
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-19 February 2007-Norwegian car transporter Autolink AS acquires 40% stake in railway company Ofotbanen AS(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
WORKERS at a bird sanctuary last night claimed an oil slick from the wreck of the car transporter Tricolor which sank in the English Channel had injured more than 800 birds.
Based in Indianapolis with over 100 celebrity owners, MiCAR is revolutionizing IndyCar team ownership by allowing fans and businesses of all sizes the ability to post their Facebook profile pic on an Indy Car and Indy Car Transporter, as well as the ability to buy into various levels of ownership experience.