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cars coming and going

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Traffic studies show that the project won't add to existing car traffic on either Wilshire or Santa Monica Boulevards.
Contract notice: Passenger in the taxi and hire car traffic for the german pension insurance insured rhineland to lot 5, service center dE-ren and chen.
Car traffic in many areas of Britain, including Cardiff, has been static or falling since before the recession.
Bulgarian capital Sofia closed down popular downtown Shishman Street for car traffic, leaving it open for pedestrians starting Saturday on through August 31.
John Owen, chairman of the UK Bus Awards, said: "The service provides an important role in tourism, attracting overseas visitors and reducing private car traffic.
It's much easier to ``hear'' the bus than to decipher all the signals (bus and car traffic signals) at the crossings.
We, the community in the Edge Lane area (where people actually live), have been fighting the council who want to put a motorway through the heart of our community, which will increase car traffic, pollution, children's asthma and cause fatal traffic accidents and abominable noise.
I believe the current proposals are a typical council muddle and need to be rehashed into a scheme that not only improves car traffic flow, but offer a real bus route and encourages us all to give up the car with Birmingham first full and real cycle lane system.
Lib Dem Transport spokesman John Thurso said yesterday car traffic had gone up 54 per cent since 1986.
Car traffic rose by about 2% in the first three months of 2004 compared with the same period last year.
The Department for Transport statistics showed car traffic levels on Britain's roads were 3pc higher in 2002 than in 2001.
The death toll from car traffic accidents in the first three months of this year reached 2,000 Sunday, the same level as last year, the National Police Agency said Monday.
0 percent in 1990, the combined effects of a 20 percent toll increase in November 1990 and the current national recession caused passenger car traffic to decrease by 11.
Oki expects to obtain a wide array of information as the experiment will take place in diverse environments including outdoor intersections, closed underground malls, places with many people moving around, and environments with car traffic, etc.
Reducing the environmental impact (acoustic and air pollution) of car traffic due to the flow of tourists into urban centres;