car sickness

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motion sickness experienced while traveling in a car

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Supplier CAR sickness is a common ailment for medical device companies with sophisticated supply chains.
Car sickness (also called motion sickness) can occur when parts of your body that help you keep your balance become confused.
I was anticipating bouts of whining, maybe even car sickness - but dislodging objects from orifices was not on my list.
Tamzin Outhwaite Good luck revising today my darling @ maiacollins bad car sickness.
And by the end of our twisty, turny trip along the road to Bellingham our kids were mighty pleased to arrive as talk had just turned to car sickness.
By this point, only diehard romantics will not be feeling a touch of car sickness.
Two Birmingham men who created a mouldable aromatherapy dough to tackle problems like car sickness and anxiety has received a cash injection from venture capitalists Turning Point.
Looking out of side windows tends to enhance car sickness so, whenever possible, allow your daughter to either sit in the middle of the rear of the car so she can see out of the front window or in the front seat - providing she is properly restrained and with the appropriate booster seat.
CAR SICKNESS can be dangerous, according to road safety chiefs.
THE thought of travelling with the kids can fill many parents with dread - think car sickness, whinging and struggling with nappies.
But when they were in a taxi on the way to the airport Mia, who suffers from autism, was struck down with a bout of car sickness.
And as I peered over the precarious cliff road which wound around the mountain with a mixture of fascination and car sickness, I had to concur that `over' the mountain was very much the best way to reach Ravello.
He obviously never had car sickness on a five-hour journey to Bognor Regis.
90 A sprig of mint placed in a car before a journey will prevent car sickness.
My nephew, who is six and prone to car sickness, had thrown up.