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A), and the world's largest juvenile products manufacturer, is committed to raising awareness of car seat safety through a variety of initiatives that aim to increase travel safety awareness, and educate parents on safe car seat practices.
Matching action to their words, Halfords have reduced their child car seat range to a price equivalent to no VAT and will keep it at that level until November 17.
The safest child car seat in the world however, will fail to do its job unless you ensure that it is suitable for your child and properly installed.
I explained that it is not safe for a child to not be in a car seat and she said it's not a problem.
Registering a car seat is the best way for the manufacturer to alert the consumer of a recall and send any required repair kit.
It is important to remember that the best car seat is the one that correctly fits the child and the vehicle, and is used correctly every time," said Diaz.
Ninety percent of car seats are not properly installed,'' said Greuel, who got a surprise when she asked police to inspect her car seat and found out it wasn't properly installed.
And my biggest piece of advice would be never to buy second-hand or to use a car seat again once it has been in a crash.
And despite parents' protests about putting older children in an appropriate car seat, it is estimated that it could prevent 2,000 casualties a year.
Many parents stop using child car seats for their offspring far too soon, figures out yesterday revealed.
Car seat inspection station usage is low: Nearly half of parents (42 percent) have had their child car seat installation checked by an expert.
Clr Cathy Scott, Cabinet member for Place, said: "Fitting a child car seat properly is essential for the safety of children no matter how short the trip.
Durham County Council's road safety team is organising a child car seat clinic to help raise awareness of the dangers to young children of car seats being incorrectly fitted or inappropriate.
The Westboro Fire Department gets a lot of referrals -- from those who have stopped by in the past and labor and delivery wards at local hospitals, and sees 500 people annually for car seat installations, from within the community and surrounding towns and cities.
This US study evaluated Keeping Baby Safe In and Around the Car, a multimedia DVD designed to improve knowledge about car seat installation among parents of infants and toddlers.