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a small group of car drivers who arrange to take turns driving while the others are passengers

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Dubai Over 14,000 residents in Dubai use registered car pools to commute between home and office, a top official has said.
This will reach 15-20 percent renewal of the car pool which means that we needed twenty years to replace the car pool.
And at that point we're deterring people from trying to get out of their cars and form a car pool and get on buses and we may be encouraging people to switch back and drive alone.
Already one in every 10 motorists have a car pool arrangement in place, according to insurance company Privilege.
Almost one in ten currently have a car pool arrangement in place for their drive to and from work.
The first car pool lanes will be be used on the M1 at St Albans, Herts, and at Luton, Beds, by 2008.
Although the general tendency of many parents is to travel by themselves, they seek car pool facility for their children.
The contract is with software company chitec to market Drive-IT's communications solutions and terminals for car pools in Germany.
The coalition's short-term recommendation involves adding car pool lanes from the Antelope Valley Freeway to state Highway 126 and extending special truck lanes from Highway 14 to separate auto and truck traffic through Santa Clarita.
University of Southern California planning professor Genevieve Giuliano said commuters need at least 15 minutes of savings to make a car pool worthwhile - figuring that's about the time it takes to drop off or pick up a fellow rider.
It should be able to provide some immediate relief and, hopefully, encourage people to car pool.
Although detours and traffic control will be in place, motorists are urged to use alternative transportation, such as car pools, van pools, and public transportation when available to minimize congestion.
The potential for shared ride activities in Delaware continues to grow and PB brings new TDM services to Delaware such as an online matching service that will allow the public to match themselves in car pools with other commuters on the Internet.