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a personal loan to purchase an automobile

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The dunia Green Car Loan will offer customers who drive an eco-friendly or fuel-efficient car in the UAE a lower interest rate which not only provides a financial incentive for customers to purchase an electric or fuel efficient car but also helps drive down the region's increasing emissions.
Oregon consumers thought they were applying for a legal title loan, but were deceived into listing Auto Loans LCC or Car Loans LLC as a secured interest holder on their car titles," Rosenblum said in a statement.
The minister was also given a car loan amounting to ` 10 lakh on July 28, 2009.
Oman's BankDhofar has announced a new car loan offer and exclusive facilities with a reduced interest rate of 4 percent (flat rate 2.
Still crippled under the cost of property tax and water charges, 27% of people are losing cash because they don't know what they're paying on their car loans.
The key parameters of the car loan are: the term, the loan amount, and the fee rate.
As part of the newly introduced joint promotion worth 38,000, customers receiving car loan approvals through 13th of next month will have a chance to win prizes.
Car loan rates did not drop as quickly as mortgage rates, but they did follow eventually.
Our Instant Car Loan product will provide our customers with an extremely fast and hasslefree finance solution when purchasing the car of their dreams.
Think about it: Getting a car loan for Dh100,000 with an interest rate of 2.
UNB said it recently bagegd two product awards, Best Car Loan and Best Personal Loan products, at the 2014 Banker Middle East Product Awards.
The investment will enable Car Loan 4U to accelerate its growth and build on its position as the UK market leader.
An Indian has won the "full value of his car loan" in Doha Bank's summer car loan campaign.
is reportedly planning to cooperate with Lifan Industry Group to explore the car loan market in China.
She then turned to McGraw-Hill FCU for big expenses such as the family's car loan, credit card debt and mortgage.