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a personal loan to purchase an automobile

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But at present, with loan rates falling, a Car Loan can actually help, especially if you are self-employed.
What I do know is that the CBL, like other entities, has in place a car loan scheme under which employees can request a loan, which if approved can be secured with payment terms spelt out.
9 million for gratuity, car loans, mortgage scheme and leasing of vehicles factored into the next financial year, even as its term ends in September.
They include a 26-year-old who posed as a doctor to obtain a BD29,000 car loan for a Toyota Land Cruiser in February 2014, before fleeing the country with the vehicle.
The minimum funding for a car loan is EGP 22,000 and capped at EGP 1m.
ASIC is banning these commissions because it has found that they lead to consumers paying excessive interest rates on their car loans.
Typically, dealers will offer you a choice: finance your auto purchase through the dealer at 0%, or get an outside car loan from a third-party financial institution and collect a rebate incentive.
Doha Bank's attractive car loan promotion is offered for a limited time making it possible for Doha Bank customers to avail financing for both new and pre-owned cars.
The seven-year boom in car loans has strong echoes of the mortgage frenzy that triggered the 2008 housing crash.
Muhannad al Raisi, executive manager --assets products development and Bancassurance, said, "We launched the exclusive car loan promotion to make it easier for our customers to drive the car of their dream.
These lenders, who specialize in cars and car buyers, have been much better equipped than banks to gauge the risk of individual car loans and more willing to accept purchased cars as collateral.
00 for SBI car loans, NRI car loans, SBI Combo loan scheme and SBI Loyalty car loan scheme.
To coincide with the ongoing Qatar Motor Show 2016 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre, Doha Bank has announced its latest car loan offer.
The launch of the dunia Green Car Loan is in line with the company's ongoing commitment to the UAE's drive for sustainable growth and a further display of the organizations dedication to achieving greener results.
The third-party site then sent consumers' personal information to a company calling itself Auto Loans LCC or Car Loan LLC, according to the suit.