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a device on an automobile for making a warning noise

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Audiologist Mark O'Sullivan says it's the angry honking of a car horn that drives people over the edge.
And then, among all the good spirit and family entertainment, there was one elderly couple driving immediately behind the procession, sounding their car horn, driving dangerously close to the people and making offensive gestures of the two finger variety to the shocked crowd.
The unsuspecting driver was doing 50mph when he heard the tawny hooting, but thought it was a car horn.
A TAXI driver allegedly threatened pedestrians with an axe after they asked him to stop blowing his car horn repeatedly.
I heard a loud noise and a car horn blaring, and ran outside to find out what had happened.
A TRAPPED driver used the sound of his car horn to guide a medic to him when his vehicle left the road in Warwickshire and disappeared into deep undergrowth.
Lord Ken Maginnis, a 75-year-old former Ulster Unionist Party MP, was found guilty at Dungannon Magistrates' Court of grabbing 21-year-old Keith Kirk by the arm and threatening to punch him in the town last summer after becoming enraged at him honking his car horn.
A MAN breached a court order to stay away from his ex wife - after beeping his car horn at her.
Merlin's purr is rated as loud as a classroom of chattering children, a London Underground train, or the sound of a car horn 25ft away, the Mirror reported.
If necessary, the car horn and indicators can be activated to facilitate the search.
For a year after passing, whenever I heard a car horn I immediately assumed it was directed at me.
CAR horns are driving us Brits beeping mad, with 90% of motorists regularly violating the Highway Code by using their car horn in appropriately.
A car horn startles me in a crosswalk until I see the driver pointing to my shirt and waving a thumbs-up.
The pitch of a blaring car horn rises as the vehicle approaches and falls as it moves away.
They will then walk down the aisle to the cheers and applause of friends and family as well as the celebratory car horn beeps of hundreds of Subaru car owners -- fellow members of the Subaru owners club.