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a firm that sells and buys cars

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Armstrong said the city also favors removing the trees because of complaints from car dealers that the trees block their signs.
Car dealers' addresses (mailing-Version) The database contains a condensed version of the addresses of all brand-based car dealer and service companies in Germany.
After years of trying to lure new car dealers to Burbank, officials disclosed Monday that CAG Investments LLC is planning to buy 12 acres of old Lockheed property to build a multi-franchise Chrysler dealership.
The 2009 Car Dealer Award judging panel included 10 independent experts from across the motor industry including Clive Jackson (Autotorq) and Tim Smith (G-Forces).
uk, and aims to identify the best car dealer websites on the Internet.
Local car dealers Wednesday lost the latest round in their battle to get an animated billboard posted along the Ventura Freeway.
com's Used Car Dealer of the Year for 2009, has recognized the company for its support in receiving this award through CDMdata products and services.
Another car dealer on the West Coast tried to pull the same con, and succeeded.
With overall car sales down this year, car dealers need to understand not only consumers' buying patterns but also which vehicles dealers should be buying at auction and at what price they should be selling them.
They bought a lemon of a used prime minister from a used car dealer.
Monday, April 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The California Motor Car Dealers Association (CMCDA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Automotive Youth Education Systems (AYES) program at Ontario High School in Ontario.
The paper also said a Southland used car dealer estimated the retail value at $16,000.
the huge imported car dealer chain that has been GM's main distributor in Japan for most of this century.
A typical car dealer sells new cars (60 percent of total revenue) and used cars (28 percent) and provides service and parts (12 percent).