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Synonyms for car

Synonyms for car

a motor vehicle with four wheels

the compartment that is suspended from an airship and that carries personnel and the cargo and the power plant

where passengers ride up and down

a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

References in classic literature ?
The laughter rang louder; they clung to the gate, to the posts, rested on their staves, in the weakness engendered by their convulsions at the spectacle of Car.
The rather too inclusive speech brought down a torrent of vituperation from other quarters upon fair Tess's unlucky head, particularly from the Queen of Diamonds, who having stood in the relations to d'Urberville that Car had also been suspected of, united with the latter against the common enemy.
With necessary slowness he picked his way through the passengers down to the steps at the front of the car.
And then as the Glaring-at-Gotham car rolled away she turned and threw a kiss--his wife threw a kiss--at some one high up on the seats of the Rubberneck.
James Williams, with Uncle Thomas, of Madison Avenue, in a respect-compelling motor car and proofs of the hero's innocence--for all the world like the third act of a drama backed by an automobile mfg.
Keep the car from jumping," he said to those who clustered about him.
Bert leapt lightly into a sitting position on the edge of the car.
It seemed to Bert that the car swayed for a moment and then buck-jumped and kicked him.
He moved it, rolled it on one side, and pushed at the wheel of the car as his companion put in the speed.
And you, George," he added, turning to a boy, "get into the car and show this man the way round to the garage, and then take him to the servants' hall.
The motor car came to a standstill before him, and the man who was driving it sprang to the ground.
The rush of cold air, as the car swung round and started off, was like new life to him.
A few minutes later he was in his car and on his way back to Boulogne.
And his charioteer, strong Iolaus, standing upon the car, guided the curved chariot.
338-349) So said the bright-eyed goddess and swiftly got up into the car with victory and renown in her hands.