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a hooded cloak for women

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monkey of Central America and South America having thick hair on the head that resembles a monk's cowl

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Justin Bieber has reportedly given up on plans of reuniting with his pet capuchin monkey just a month after the animal was seized by German customs officials, and is now trying to relocate him in a zoo.
Emerging genetic data for the capuchin monkeys of Central and South America (Lynch Alfaro et al.
If fairness is essential for a capuchin monkey, it must be more important and more basic to humans than we realize.
This one-of-a-kind college trains capuchin monkeys to become service animals that perform everyday tasks for people with severe disabilities, especially those left paralyzed after a spinal cord injury.
Capuchin monkeys have been reported to show cognitive patterns of responding in some contexts designed to assess capacities such as tool using, numerical cognition, and concept learning (e.
Especially as capuchin monkeys which belong to the family of Cebidae look, as their name implies, like little (Capuchin) friars.
The Monkey eats, drinks and sleeps among its family members, other capuchin monkeys and its father.
Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta reported in September that capuchin monkeys, which are found in South America, display at least some sense of fairness, a key criterion for judging right from wrong.
Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta found that Capuchin monkeys had a strong sense of their rights.
CHESTER Zoo's capuchin monkeys were busy exploring their new surroundings yesterday.
The two brown-and-white Capuchin monkeys and one small Bolivian squirrel monkey, which weigh only a few pounds each, were meant as presents for the passenger's children.
In Brazil, for example, capuchin monkeys are seen hoisting small boulders above their heads and crashing them down upon nuts that would not otherwise open.
en last of all, yellow Capuchin monkeys Benji and Comica had a baby on March 18.
Capuchin monkeys are known for their intelligence and they're thought to be able to bond quickly with humans.
London, June 19 ( ANI ): Marina Chapman, a middle-aged grandmother from Bradford, claims that she was brought up by the reclusive breed of Capuchin monkeys after being left in the jungle by kidnappers at the age of 5.