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a hooded cloak for women

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monkey of Central America and South America having thick hair on the head that resembles a monk's cowl

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The researchers think that differences in the response of humans and capuchins could stem from the different experiences that monkeys and people have with markets and how they behave.
The 12-week-old |baby capuchin monkey at Chester Zoo with its 15-year-old mum
Capuchin monkeys are known for their intelligence and they're thought to be able to bond quickly with humans.
Jordan Jesse Rojas, 41, of Austin, Texas made his profession of temporary vows as a Capuchin Franciscan brother at St.
Meanwhile, medical experts also confirmed that she had suffered malnutrition in her youth, which as per the Capuchin monkeys expert was due to living off a diet of just fruit and nuts.
Of the $1 million, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen will receive $500,000 to feed Detroit's citizens and tend to their basic needs.
Seeing her delight at being reunited with capuchin monkeys in the wild, you'll wonder why you ever doubted her.
Marina Chapman displaying the skills she claims to have learned from capuchin monkeys
It was not only the Capuchins who were in denial about human sexuality The whole church appears to have been so affected.
Ordinal representation of numeric quantities by brown capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella).
Capuchin monkeys usually make a lot of noise when they find food.
On a sad note, Koko, a 43-year-old capuchin monkey who had befriended nearly 100 students over several decades at the Moorpark College exotic animal training zoo, was euthanized in June because of health problems associated with old age.
The Capuchin Franciscan Friars have put Olton Friary, in Solihull, up for sale and could net a cool pounds 4 million from the property deal.
Padre Pio, a mystical Italian Capuchin monk famous for his bleeding stigmata and miraculous healing powers, is a recent and popular addition to the pantheon, formally canonised by the Pope in 2002.
Between 1879 and 1904 Elzear Torreggiani, a Capuchin friar, ministered to the Diocese of Armidale, New South Wales, as its bishop.