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Best frock had to go to Cate Blanchett in a beaded white gold Armani dress, despite strong competition from style queen Sienna Miller in a floaty floral number in frothy capuccino by Alexander McQueen.
The machines serve capuccino, espresso, cafe latte, Americano and hot chocolate in regular and large sizes, priced at 1.
and inspired by this, Becky Shaw aims to create a cycle of perpetual motion by harnessing the energy from users of the leisure centre to operate her capuccino bar.
50 latte, mocha, frappuccino, macchiato, expresso or capuccino.
After shutdown, our flight crew debriefed the flight over a cup of capuccino in the wardroom.
Espresso cup and saucer, pounds 7, capuccino cup and saucer, pounds 10, Bhs
Soon, presumably when the weather permits, Italian women will be jumping in and out of their Fiats and drinking capuccino looking like extras in a Tarzan movie.
New Yorkers went from cigarettes and donuts with their coffee, to biscotti and capuccino in the smoke-free lounge-like atmosphere of Starbucks.
I keep getting messages from my family in Brighton that they're sitting in the sunshine having a capuccino while I'm trying to keep my players properly active during their enforced break.
Group Capuccino included Huddersfield's Simon Topham and Mark Francis, plus Whitcliffe Mount's Tony Stead and Neil Bowyer.
These include: Tinto Cardamomo, Ristretto, Macchiato, Cafe Latte, Capuccino Vienes, Nevado Chocolate and Cafe Moka Frio.
having just left the paddock parade ring, he looked as though someone had brewed a large capuccino between his back legs.
Arguably the new British appetite for art is just another example of us catching up with the rest of Europe, just as we have belatedly discovered a taste for wine, capuccino, al fresco dining and croissants.
CARLA JENKINS CARLA, aged 63, of Crecy Road, Cheylesmore: (drinking capuccino near cinema) "The SkyDome is on the site of the old GEC where I used to work.
The constant intrusion - and Victoria's professed penchant for designer shopping - has sparked the rumours that Beckham might consider his, and her, long-term future to lie in the capuccino culture of Italy.