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Synonyms for captivation

the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror)

a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual

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In 2005, analysts at the Rand Corporation summarized research findings on the arts' instrumental benefits but also urged policymakers to recognize three types of intrinsic benefits: (1) immediate benefits, such as pleasure and captivation, (2) growth in individual capacities, such as enhanced empathy for other people and cultures, and (3) benefits that accrue largely to the public, such as social bonds and the expression of community identity.
In this postmodern version of the repressive hypothesis, Lee's vocal imputation of aura to Selby symptomatizes the discussed extremity of both women's alienation as well as performs its phallic captivation as juridical fiat.
I read with captivation the poign- ant story on Kenneth Hartman (Register-Guard, May 2), Eugene resident and former engineer on the Apollo space program.
19) Levinas' apophaticism then is a Jewish one in the sense that it takes the form of having the face-to-face social encounter be free of captivation.
His own captivation with Harlem had begun in the 1940s.
Commentators and scholars dissected his speeches, his appearances, and his rhetorical skills in an effort to explain the public's alleged captivation with Reagan.
An example of a continuing captivation with the payback concept is a 23 Oct 01 news release by CACI International, Arlington, Virginia, entitled "High Payback Opportunities for Future Logistics Investments: CACI Selected for $47M Multiple Award Contract with Naval Supply Systems Command.
Author Mark Hertsgaard introduces The Eagle's Shadow: Why America Fascinates and Infuriates the World, utilizing the symbol of America's power and might, the provocation of anti-Americanism abroad and captivation with the country's successes.
Each person present had two things in common: a long history of involvement in the evangelical world, and a recent, personal captivation by the process of spiritual formation.
For a general discussion of the judiciary's captivation with social science, see David M.
Despite readers' captivation with the books, there is a danger of overexposure that could potentially diminish the powerful effect Rowling's writing has had on adolescent literature.
This requires restoring the essentialized identity of being Hindu-Indian which was somehow lost through capture (colonialism), captivation (conversion) and rebellion (Dalits and Tribals).
Integration, captivation, and managed care: Transformation of nursing for 21st century in health care.
Not to mention possibly the loss of the very beacon that gives the Cup its captivation .
In a review of sadomasochistic film and literature, he traces the history of this phenomenon in popular culture, which indicates our continuing captivation with the dynamics of power and powerlessness.