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Synonyms for captivation

the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror)

a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual

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Kang argues that these unarticulated sentiments fuel the politics of captivation and manifest in youth movements such as the 2002 candlelight vigils and 2008 candlelight festivals in South Korea.
with the animal's being open for that which disinhibits, the animal in its captivation finds itself essentially exposed to something other than itself [wesenhaft hinausgestellt in ein Anderes], something that can indeed never be manifest to the animal either as a being or as a non-being [Nichtseiendes].
Maybe this captivation goes back to childhood when my sister and I had a doll's house apiece: One house was blue, the other pink and naturally, both of us demanded the pink one.
They said the absence of electricity supply to the agency and captivation of non-custom paid vehicles of the government authorities in the area was illegal.
Anxiety about our contemporary failure as bystanders to deter brutal persecution can be just as powerful an impetus for studying the Shoah as a prurient captivation with the systemic transgressiveness of Nazi cruelty.
Every time I've gone to see Villagers (and that's quite a few times), there's been total silence for the duration, total captivation.
Parr amiably explains the three stages of attention and seven captivation triggers that can save a company or idea from disappearing into oblivion.
It is unfortunate that Israel continues to put at siege the Palestinian economy through the implementation of a closure regime, the prevention of direct import of ICT equipment into West Bank and Gaza, and the continued captivation of radio frequencies for the Telecom sector," ICT statement said.
Muniz explained, "Much as Perrier-Jouet has long embraced Art Nouveau's love of nature and enchantment, I took the idea of captivation in a natural setting as the inspiration for this motif.
The tone poem The Tempest is a reverberation of the composer's captivation by Shakespeare's play, which three years previously bore fruit in the form of an eponymous opera.
His captivation became manifest when he started a Roth Individual Retirement Account as a 16-year-old.
The author calls this captivation Odalisque-mania and he documents the various ways that Mexicans brought the culture of mostly Japan and India into their midst.
Her diary isn't the same poetic prose as Leopold but it is of the same simplicity, same outlook, same captivation.
It is a claim toward full mental captivation being the highest attainable goal for a painting, a song or a story may share with its audience.
Focusing broadly on aesthetic captivation, the volume probes the imbrication of estrangement and affective attachment, as well as the ways that the democratization of categories of knowledge remains haunted by hierarchical relationships of subordination that persist in mechanisms of captivity.