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capturing interest as if by a spell

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23 -- Newspaper headlines have this captivating effect on the readers where one is forced to sit down and mull over the contents that warrant such bold captions.
A $500,000 build out makes this THE flagship store for one of the most original, refreshing & captivating sportswear lines in America.
A fine guide to this mysterious and captivating culture, enhanced with maps and charts, "Travels to Mayan Sites" is a must for anyone planning a vacation to the area, or who is fascinated by the Mayans.
A full scale conflict ensues, in this captivating novel of home and profit.
According to Unilever spokesperson Heather Mitchell, the Captivating Curls, Waves of Envy and Daring Volume lines were designed as total beauty systems intended to encourage consumers to use the full line of products.
Finishing off a captivating set with the classic Whiskey In The Jar, which had even this hardened hack singing along, the only mystery is why such a talented bunch of musicians have never had major success.
The set was sparse but thanks to brilliant use of music and video (by the theatre collective Fusion) as well as captivating performances, it never seemed empty.
Extensively illustrated with over 200 full-color photographs, Balinese Dance, Drama and Music: A Guide to the Performing Arts of Bali takes the reader on a captivating tour of the history, style, and function of Balinese gamelan music, dance, drama, and puppetry.
Greece is the font of Mediterranean cuisine,'' says Hoffman, who paints a vivid portrait of a captivating country with its regional differences in her 600-page tome filled with 325 recipes.
Kelly's whimsical style is captivating, yet sophisticated in its fine attention to detail.
They know that the Coventry firm's clever amalgam of leading-edge technology and old world traditionalism has made the big new cat the most captivating and separate new luxury car in the world.
Discreet's plasma software and Anark Studio together will give artists, designers and developers the powerful 3D tools they need to create visually captivating real-time, interactive, 3D experiences--including corporate multimedia communications projects, interactive learning projects, as well as eye-catching entertainment presentations across a variety of mediums--such as DVD, CD-ROM, kiosks, the Web and beyond.
Yet for those who've followed his 30-year career, Chong is an original theater director, choreographer, video artist, and, with his acclaimed last project, Kwaidan, a captivating puppeteer.
Based upon a contemporary premise (three girls trying to survive Athens, Georgia's Nova High in 2002) and sprinkled with fantasy (time travel from Ancient Greece to the present), this captivating series stars Era, Polly and Thalia.
Discussion of the blacklisting in the Hollywood film and the entertainment industry is also extremely captivating to read and an asset to the chronicle.