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Synonyms for captious

Synonyms for captious

tending to find and call attention to faults


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At times vitriolic, and often captious, The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual is nihilistic at its worst and a source of terse, seminal insight at its best.
To his peers, Kirnberger was known for his captious personality.
akimbo impeach askance gravid captious oakum cogent quizzical fulsome turgid
Reasonable doubt does not mean a captious, possible or imaginary doubt.
To be sure, the events of book 13 are ones that Penelope would not be specifically familiar with; hence, a captious critic might say that there is, strictly speaking, no resonance with book 13 for Penelope to hear at 23.
Rauschenberg assembles, dirties, exalts or negates whatever he pleases, like a captious demon, but his end is still painting, as one can see in the Gluts series from the 1980s realized with sheets of steel from automobiles and scrap metal abandoned by a society in a recession that the artist utilizes to give body to the critical metaphor driven by the oil surplus.
Prompted by accusations, mostly captious, of tyranny on the part of Walpole, Thomson wrote a long poem called Liberty, in which he dwelt on his experiences whilst accompanying one of his pupils on the Grand Tour.
Both demonstrate, above all, how singularly captious posterity has been in branding Mendelssohn (who lived only to the age of thirty-eight) as an under-achiever in adulthood: a real-life equivalent of Tom Wolfe's fictional protagonist, "The Man Who Peaked Too Soon.
So, when some of our brethren, both here and at home, are inclined to be captious, we ask them to hold up a bit and reflect.
If anyone is going to be influenced by captious comments in parliament, it is more likely to be at the tribunal level than in the courts.
I think a difficulty might arise by captious objections from that source.
Today, as in his own time, as in the time of my college years, he is in the public mind the poet of "When Dey 'Listed Colored Soldiers," of "Chrismus on the Plantation," of my own favorite (I was, after all, raised a Baptist), "How Lucy Backslid," long before he is the cantankerous poet of "To a Captious Critic" or the severe ironist of "Compensation.
Sophism is a plausibly deceptive fallacy, while a sophist is a captious or intentionally fallacious reasoner.
While the introduction is a joy to read, and the book is so thorough as to make any cavils sound captious, still some readers may feel that the introduction misses something crucial, or treats of it insufficiently, namely the sheer growth of what Stern elsewhere has called "archi-culture"--the archiculture that called the five books by Stern et al.
The conciousness of having done amiss, had exposed her to a thousand inquietudes, and made her captious and irritable .