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Synonyms for captious

Synonyms for captious

tending to find and call attention to faults


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Here a more explicit framework of presentation could have received greater attention, if only to ward off captious historians.
Phillips's primary focus is not on the cocktail of l'homme et l'oeuvre which, in Sade's case, has often proved a rather captious potion.
Peirce's captious attitude toward colleagues--some of whom, Menand shows, conspired to blackball him from academia--contrasted with his faith in the community of inquirers.
Cyprian's community was also riven internally by theological disagreements, captious personalities, and outright treachery.
In his famous analysis of world history - 'the history that is never taught in schools' - the late Sir John Glubb ('Glubb Pasha') pointed out that during the last 3000 years of recorded history the life-span of succeeding 'empires' has remained at a more or less constant average of 250 years, ten generations sufficing, in his words, 'to transform the enterprising pioneer into the captious citizen of the welfare state'.
Another significant result that,emerges from Zabus's study is the disorienting fact that most post-colonial criticism is vitiated by an obsessive ideologism bent upon captious surveillance of colonialist writings to garner racist/imperialist grist for the mill of self-righteous critical ire or fire.
A good example of Meissner's somewhat captious way of arguing is her treatment of the expression, [Mathematical Expression Omitted] for God.
I have focused on what may seem a rather captious point because, as a critical parapraxis, it situates Mann's feminism more tellingly than does her claim to a pan-feminist pluralism and eclecticism.
The complaint that we are shrill, captious or carping can, of course, be a euphemism for the fact that journals of critical opinion are critical--that most of them have rejected the myth of objectivity (also called fairness, but it amounts to the same thing) that pervades the mass media.
All the same, because Professor Ormsby's quibbles with my renditions seem to me informed by little more than a captious pedantry and because he goes to such length to make points that, when not simply wrong, are merely differences of opinion and taste, I feel compelled to defend my decisions and point out some of the flaws in his reasoning.
I don't think Litoff and Smith will think me captious if I point out that the effect of this book, carelessly read, could be to convince people that US life in 1942-45 was monopolised almost completely by 'family values' such as Dan Quayle evokes.
14) See Guinevere's magnificent counterblast to the captious Keii in Iwein: 'din schelten ist ein prisen | wider alle die wisen' (ll.
In spite of Hill's captious remarks, however, he still falls in with Pope's general premise that sound-sense accommodation represents an attainable and desirable poetic goal, and he is satisfied moreover that Pope's representative couplets, even if only falteringly, bear out the general principle.
To my mind, a frankly discriminatory, biased and unjustifiably captious approach can be seen behind these US actions," the Russian foreign minister added.
And one flashy little debutante that never outgrew the profound conviction that her sole mission in life was to point butterflies, which she did with her nicety of technique that would have disarmed the most captious critic.