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taking exception

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brief description accompanying an illustration


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provide with a caption, as of a photograph or a drawing

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Closed captioning is required by the FCC for virtually all TV broadcasts in the United States, and by the CRTC for most TV broadcasts in Canada.
264 transport streams without losing any of the closed captioning data.
HD Captioning Supported on Multiple Hardware Platforms
HD captioning with the Matrox MXO2 is the latest addition to CPC's industry-leading line of Macintosh and Windows closed captioning and subtitling software.
CPC's Mac closed captioning software series includes MacCaption-NLE, MacCaption-DV, and MacCaption-Lite.
The CPC-700HD is a complete HD captioning system on a CD.
Spell Check Source - Allows users to check spelling on the complete captioning file and transcript, ensuring the captioning file and transcript are error free.
The hardware encoder, in turn, worked with costly videotape machines, and could be a bottleneck in the captioning workflow.
The CCTV Font Set includes the Tiresias Screenfont, developed specifically for closed captioning by the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB).
In February, the Film Council announced that as part of its GBP 500,000 National Lottery funded Cinema Access Programme, 78 cinemas across the UK would be equipped with captioning and audio-description equipment.
Odeon Cinemas has announced a major order for DTS XD10 Cinema Media Players with DTS Access functionality to provide captioning and audio description services on their U.
Among the new solutions are a personal video conferencing system with unparalleled video and audio quality for the desktop known as the VSX 3000; the first high quality wireless conference phone known as the SoundStation2W; a new version of the Polycom WebOffice personal conferencing and collaboration portal integrating Polycom desktop and group conferencing systems and enabling ad-hoc conference calls through presence detection of people, devices and applications; and the industry's first real-time closed captioning for hearing impaired and non-English speakers on Polycom iPower systems in education and corporate meeting environments.
With every major film distributor committed to producing titles with DTS Access technologies (including captioning and audio description), more than 100 films have been released to date for presentation with DTS-CSS, with over 70 feature titles released in 2003 alone (over 100% more than the previous year).
First Industry-Wide Study Examines Quality and Use Amid Uncertainty in Federal Grants that Offset Cost of Captioning Programs
As viewers migrate away from over-the-air broadcast to online and OTT video delivery, services like closed captioning could see a major boost in quality as speech-to-text improves.