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the post of captain

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In line with his immediate turnover of his captainship, Tennis Ireland is bound to appoint Cahill's successor within the next two weeks.
As United chased promotion from division two under the captainship of King Kev, manager Arthur Cox said: "We believe in doing things in style these days.
Dhande's captainship, India Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has been recognised as a technical institution of excellence for providing an international level of education and research in science and technology.
Look at that for captainship," said the commentator.
I was not enjoying it, and I therefore gave up the team captainship, as well.
The pairing of Grade 1 winning riders Chantal Sutherland and Emma-Jayne Wilson from Canada, under the captainship of Britain's top female rider Hayley Turner, has solidified their chances of making a historic debut in the popular event, which has been staged since 1999.
The Sri Lanka team fought bravely under the captainship of Ambassador Oshadhi Alahapperuma, as did the Bangladesh team, but both teams had to admit defeat and finally congratulated the Pakistan Embassy to a well-deserved victory.
Although Terry has yet to go to trial, the English FA (under pressure from the public and pressure groups) has decided to take away his captainship because they recognise that racism in any form should not be tolerated.
According to Media Reports, Pakistan has left for Zimbabwe under the captainship of Misbah Ulhaq from Lahore via Abu Dhabi.
Meanwhile, daily flights under the captainship of Aluel, is due to begin this week from Dubai to Juba.
Bobby (Football) concurred, "When someone gets a captainship they get power--then they tell you, you do this, you do that.
The Boat That Rocked (Cert 15), IT'S the swinging sixties and Radio Rock is a pirate radio station under the captainship of Quentin (Bill Nighy), broadcasting from the relative safety of the North Sea with an eclectic roster of DJs including brash American chatterbox The Count (Philip Seymour Hoffman), sarcastic and cruel Dave (Nick Frost), love-sick Simon, sex god Midnight Mark (Tom Wisdom), goofy Angus "The Nut" Nutsford, newsreader On-The-Hour John and the aptly named Thick Kevin.
The Boat That Rocked (Cert 15, 129 mins) RADIO Rock is a pirate radio station under the captainship of Quentin (Bill Nighy), which broadcasts from the North Sea in 1966.
During participation, fitness and recreational programmes create opportunities for followership and leadership roles as in captainship, curatorship and in cheer leadership.
This is the maiden voyage of a shiny, new Starship Enterprise under the captainship of director JJ Abrams.