captain's chair

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a wooden armchair with a saddle seat and a low back that has vertical spindles

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Karl Urban as grumpy Doctor Bones plays a vital role, John Cho's Sulu gets a stint in the Captain's chair and Simon Pegg - whose Scottish accent is more settled - has real fun as engineer Scotty, and even gets involved in some of the phaser battle action scenes.
The Hawker's cabin is configured with eight seats: club seating for four passengers, a three-person divan, and one captain's chair.
When not in use, the breathable, padded seat stows beneath the captain's chair.
The duo clambered aboard the Beriev Be-200, and Berlusconi sat himself down in the captain's chair.
This exercise ties with the captain's chair for best overall abdominal workout, toning and strengthening both the rectus abdominis and the obliques.
I remember the scene when I sat down in the captain's chair.
The pounds 1,000 computer was taken by an opportunist thief from under the army captain's chair.
It might be the only way to foist the "good ole boys" from their threadbare captain's chair.
Yes, someone had to be put in the captain's chair while the search for Evans' replacement is under way.
On the captain's bridge near the captain's chair, the reading was undetectable.
The time it takes to sand the arms of a captain's chair.
Commanding an Enterprise-class starship is a stressful business, but fans of the show are going to love the challenge of running operations from the captain's chair.
People don't mind throwing a rocking chair, oversized captain's chair, or party table in the back of their SUV if it means added comfort.
I would have sat in the captain's chair & said, "Shave me,
IT SEEMS that Jamie Heaslip has settled nicely into the captain's chair.