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Synonyms for capsulize

enclose in a capsule

put in a short or concise form

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With this comment, West capsulizes a particular difficulty in a technologically networked world: What is the potential for difficult dialogue to make a public difference when media attention could remind participants and observers constantly of how many simultaneous audiences they have to deal with?
He capsulizes this idea with the acronym THINK BIG, with the each letter of the two words standing for:
I saw a picture of Phillips doing that and I thought, `that capsulizes these guys perfectly: When they're not feeding their egos, they're feeding their faces.
Beer Goggles" capsulizes the notion of courting: "Here's my number on a cocktail napkin/Think about it like a loaded weapon/Cock the hammer and point that thing at me.
By terming them light infantry soldiers (les voltigeurs) the author capsulizes both their relatively modest status and the active role which distinguished them from the ronds de cuir, the presumably do-nothing, office-bound bureaucrats satirized by contemporaries.
Corral, the showpiece of most Earp narratives, capsulizes the essence of the myth.
The following quote by one of the deaf mothers in the study capsulizes this notion:
In simply naming the gate Chang capsulizes the high and low points of T'ang history.