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Synonyms for capsulize

enclose in a capsule

put in a short or concise form

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The Journal is sort of an ideal newspaper that knows when to capsulize and when to blow it out.
And when her nine-year-old son asked her why the United States had come to the defense of Kuwait but not to Lithuania, it seemed to capsulize her ambivalence about the war.
The database is produced by Gannett News Media in Washington, DC where every night teams of top USA reporters and editors capsulize the most important news and information gathered by the 4,400 journalists of the USA Today National Information Network.
You've already metntioned some, of course, but could you capsulize your principal duties?
Home is indeed a fitting title to capsulize the second episode of the ongoing season.
THINGS YOUR MOTHER ALWAYS TOLD YOU BUT YOU DIDN'T WANT TO HEAR BY CAROLYN COATES A spiral-bound book full of little anecdotes that capsulize many of the words of wisdom shared by a mother with her children.
Like any biographer faced with a play-by-play of so prolonged an intellectual life, Lakoff struggles valiantly to capsulize Lerner's views.
Anyone searching for a single word or phrase to capsulize twentieth-century music would be hard-pressed to find one that would suffice.
For quick reference, capsulize the basic information on one sheet.
And in a few sentences, he will capsulize what he's heard.
And for researchers in the field of gifted education, this book is a good way to capsulize the collective understandings this field has acquired about curriculum and programs for the gifted over the past 60 years.
These are the words used by world-renowned director Brillante Mendoza to capsulize the lineup of films for the second edition of Sinag Maynila Film Festival this month.
Hearn was able to capsulize our feelings in his descriptions of the team, and you always felt like you were getting an honest portrayal from a man you knew had a passionate fondness for the Lakers.
Step 4: Formulate Three or Four General Statements That Capsulize Your Goals