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Synonyms for capsulize

enclose in a capsule

put in a short or concise form

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And when her nine-year-old son asked her why the United States had come to the defense of Kuwait but not to Lithuania, it seemed to capsulize her ambivalence about the war.
You've already metntioned some, of course, but could you capsulize your principal duties?
Anyone searching for a single word or phrase to capsulize twentieth-century music would be hard-pressed to find one that would suffice.
And in a few sentences, he will capsulize what he's heard.
And for researchers in the field of gifted education, this book is a good way to capsulize the collective understandings this field has acquired about curriculum and programs for the gifted over the past 60 years.
Hearn was able to capsulize our feelings in his descriptions of the team, and you always felt like you were getting an honest portrayal from a man you knew had a passionate fondness for the Lakers.
With our next financial statement due to be released in mid-November the first of which that will record a full quarter's worth of contributing revenue from our 2013 acquisitions, we believe it is essential to capsulize the Company's various revenue lines and more in an efficient Investor Presentation," added Scott.
Things have changed,'' Burnett said, using the name of the Oscar- winning Bob Dylan song to capsulize the sweep of traditional country music in a number of important categories.
If there is one word that would summarize and capsulize how I feel today about The Los Angeles Times and what is happening there, the word would be sadness,'' Chandler wrote.
The Survey helped capsulize future demand from this important segment and was therefore, an important element in our ability to raise capital for future manufacturing expansion that will in turn help fabless companies meet their growth potential," Dr.
And, Liotta, who had considered Sinatra songs his parents' music, had to capsulize one of the most-known figures of the 20th century in a two-hour film.
And, this rebranding includes a new, succinct mission statement that capsulizes its work: Building a vibrant social impact sector for all the people of Illinois.
The city capsulizes India's emerging economic power and mammoth market potential, while still retaining traits of its rich and colorful culture and history.