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resembling a capsule

of or relating to a capsule

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Of the 103 women who received the IDEAL IMPLANT as a replacement for existing silicone gel or original saline implants, the rate of capsular contracture was 10.
meningitidis core genome amino acid sequences showed that all 22 sequenced CC4821 strains were closely related, irrespective of serogroup, ST, and PorA type, which indicated capsular switching between serogroups C and B.
Either capsular (figure 2) or lymphovascular (figures 3 and 4) invasion is sufficient for the diagnosis of follicular carcinoma.
Another major cause of failed stabilization procedures is continued capsular laxity.
Indian ophthalmologists Agarwal and Jacob bring together other ophthalmic surgeons from India, the US, Europe, and Australia, who explain the prevention and management of posterior capsular rupture to cataract surgeons, ophthalmologists, residents, and graduate students.
AIOLs fall into two main categories: single-optic and dual-optic devices, both of which are designed to be implanted into the capsular bag.
If the high power setting is too close to the capsule, there may be an increased risk of serious complications, including prostatic capsular perforation and injury to adjacent structures.
Maria Orlanda Martins from Walvis Bay who suffered from poor vision, underwent her treatment at the Welwitschia Hospital and had an extra capsular extraction and lens inserted in one of her eyes.
The AMBRI group are those patients with loose capsules who have an atraumatic dislocation which is multidirectional, the majority are bilateral and rehabilitation is required before any operative intervention which, if done, usually consists of an inferior capsular shift.
Nagor are the only manufacturers to offer a lifetime guarantee for rupture and free replacement for capsular contracture, an abnormal reaction which causes breast tissue to harden around the implant.
Derived from purified capsular polysaccharide antigens conjugated to diphtheria protein, meningococcal protein, or tetanus protein.
We define periglomerular fibrosis as glomeruli with open capillaries, but lamellated, frequently wrinkled, Bowman capsular basement membrane and circumferential layers of interstitial-type collagen around, within, or between the usually thickened, frequently lamellated, Bowman capsule basement membrane (Figure 2).
Capsular haematoma of the kidney may occur from many causes including trauma, tumour, coagulopathy, ruptured cyst or vascular malformation (1).