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the outer covering of protein surrounding the nucleic acid of a virus

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After seeing the capsids, we knew we were onto something interesting.
This plasmid, carrying this intended "transgene," would be introduced into a tissue culture "packaging cell line" that has been engineered to also express the required AAV viral capsid proteins and the required "helper virus" genes.
To confirm the presence of OvAstV-CH16 in sim, we used polyclonal antisera targeted at the putative capsid protein of BoAstV-CH15 and tested formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded brain tissues of sheep 41669 by immunohistochemistry (online Technical Appendix).
In this case, they utilized the approach to monitor how the HIV capsid uncoats in the cell at the individual particle level.
These VLPs are capsid particles generated from the L1 region of the HPV DNA.
The central DNA-containing core was surrounded by a bilayered capsid.
NVR 3-778 is a small molecule, direct acting antiviral, for oral administration in patients with HBV that inhibits the HBV core or capsid protein.
The book begins with a section that breaks down the major concepts including capsid architecture, x-ray analysis, and more, before delving into specific applications.
The virus responsible for infectious myonecrosis (IMNV) has an icosahedral symmetry with a diameter of around 40 nm, and its capsid is composed of 120 subunits with a floating density of 1.
The capsid protein is 120 amino acids long which is involved in packaging of the viral genome and forming the nucleo-capsid, whereas prM (165 aa) and envelope glycoprotein (495 aa) act as a chaperone for folding and assembly of the E protein before it is cleaved into pr peptide and M protein (~75 amino acids).
An overall APV prevalence of 22% was determined using a broad-spectrum nested PCR that amplified the major capsid protein VP1 gene of polyomavirus.
TOP TEN Pests 1) Slugs and snails 2) Vine weevils 3) Capsid bugs 4) Mice and voles 5) Cushion scales 6) Spider mites 7) Mealybugs 8) Plum moths 9) Ants 10) Lily beetles
The infestation is now a common problem for mango growers with the cecid fly joining two other fruit pests - the fruit fly and the capsid bug - Padilla said.
The striking images on show are from Cardiff Camera Club photographers, including Daisies in motion by Vic Chambers, autumnal colours captured by Rays of Autumn Sunshine and an up close and personal picture of Capsid on Daisy, both by Rhodri Llewellyn.