caprylic acid

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a fatty acid having a rancid taste

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The latest TV ad starts with an additive alphabet: 'A is for Allyl butyrate, B is for Benzyl caprylate.
degrees]C [degrees]C/ torr Caprylate (C 8 : 0) 158.
SNAD is an improved version of Emisphere's delivery agent, Sodium N-[8-(2-hydroxybenzoyl)amino] caprylate (SNAC), currently in Phase III development with an oral solution formulation of heparin.
All were made from blood donor plasma by modifications of the Cohn serum protein fractionation process, followed by further purification, addition of stabilizers (N-acetyltryptophan and sodium caprylate, both at 0.
Examples include the use of zonal elution to examine the displacement of D,L-thyroxine and D,L-tryptophan from HSA by bilirubin or caprylate (226); the competition of R/S-warfarin with racemic oxazepam, lorazepam, and their hemisuccinate derivatives on an HSA column (211); the direct or allosteric competition of octanoic acid on immobilized HSA for the binding sites of R/S-warfarin, phenylbutazone, tolbutamide, R/S-oxazepam hemisuccinate, ketoprofen A/B, and suprofen A/B (213); the competition of R-warfarin and L-tryptophan with D-tryptophan (207) or L-thyroxine and related thyronine compounds on HSA (203,208); and the displacement of R- and S-ibuprofen by one another at their binding regions on HSA (227).
The study was designed to investigate the PK/PD effects of a single dose (2 mg) of oral GLP-1 formulated with Emisphere's Sodium N-[8-(2-hydroxybenzoyl) Amino] Caprylate ("SNAC") carrier (150 mg) administered 15 minutes prior to an oral glucose tolerance test.
On July 28, 2009, Emisphere announced that, concurrent with the publication of two papers in the July/August issue of the peer reviewed journal, International Journal of Toxicology, which describes the toxicology of its Sodium N-[8-(2-hydroxybenzoyl) Amino] Caprylate ("SNAC") carrier, SNAC has achieved Generally Recognized as Safe ("GRAS") status for its intended application in combination with nutrients added to food and dietary supplements.