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Synonyms for capriole

(dressage) a vertical jump of a trained horse with a kick of the hind legs at the top of the jump

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a playful leap or hop

perform a capriole, of horses in dressage

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perform a capriole, in ballet

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In the Capriole movement, the horse raises its front legs and body up off the ground, and kicks its hind legs straight back," he said.
Capriole Goat Farm Tour & Tasting - Judy Schad, Greenville, IN
Capriole, 9 Crownridge Drive, made a motion to decrease the $10.
After taking her own pilgrimage to France, with another titan of the cheesemaking world, Judy Schad of Capriole, Inc.
Once again the weather did its best to ruin sport and a very thin crowd endured the pouring rain and gale as Gnr Ryan Haigh and Capriole led home the annual event for King's Troop horses.
Capriole Oil Tanker Not Provided -- 11/11/13 22:00 -
It began when Mary took her first trip to France to visit cheesemakers with another giant of American artisan cheesemaking, Judy Schad of Capriole, Inc.
Capriole Alpine 11/11/13 Not Sched Nil 1,000 Ethanol
Add to that elite group of cheesemakers a few newcomers like Mary Keehn of Cyprus Grove Chevre and Jennifer Bite at Redwood Hill Farm (great cheeses and incomparable yogurt), both in California; Judy Schad of Capriole in Greenville, Ind.
I watch the swallows fly their caprioles, listen to the screeching of the gulls, and gaze at the excursion ships that from time to time sail past the spot where I usually sit.
This invisible `goat' brings me back by a `silken tie' to the invisible goat in `The Silken Tent', the goat-capers and caprioles in the `capriciousness of summer air'.