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Synonyms for capriciousness

Synonyms for capriciousness

the quality of being guided by sudden unpredictable impulses

the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

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The curiously parental-advisorial end of the Sturges essay can, in many ways, stand in for a self-defense tactic by Farber, for justifying his critical capriciousness.
We cannot know if Davies was lost in thought as the bagpipes wailed "Amazing Grace," whether he questioned the capriciousness of a God that would claim six lives while sparing his.
David Fielder gives an excellent performance as the Duke and disguised friar, displaying the capriciousness of the ruler made cynical by years of power, and then understanding the helplessness of his fellow citizens under the new regime.
Eliason joins a growing chorus of school administrators frustrated with the capriciousness of the new accountability system.
Therefore, the concerns many hold at the Church of England's most recent capriciousness in her most recent appointment as Archbishop have their substance in substantive and incontrovertible doctrine, and for a Christian church leader to have become a druid and incanted its pantheistic mantra and to have ordained practising homosexuals places him way, way outside Christian doctrine and indeed, therefore, a heretic.
Fortunately for the French coach, any fretting over the capriciousness of his fellow countryman was thrust into the pending file by a dominant Liverpool performance that was the very essence of assured authority.
Don't fret for the golfers; they at least have rain gear and umbrellas to protect them from Mother Nature's capriciousness.
Sex and drugs come easily in the milieu of "Sleep With Me," an exhortation that gets repeated several times during the play; fulfillment, needless to say, does not, with the play's women, in particular, left reeling at the capriciousness of their men.
The capriciousness of summer storms was really noticeable last week.
Ridsdale is adamant he has agreement that the money does not need to be repaid until 2016, but does express concerns over the capriciousness of the legal process.
A good example of this capriciousness lies just across the street from South, at Roosevelt Middle School.
But for one area family, today will be a reminder of life's fragility, capriciousness and profound sorrow.
Most of the Silver themes, developed through such Off Broadway hits as "Pterodactyls," "Raised in Captivity" and "The Food Chain," are back in this roundelay of characters adrift in unrequited love: the power of physical beauty, the capriciousness of love and the sad sacks trapped by both.
The somewhat less attractive view (toward which I am inclined) sees an adroit, thoroughly art-world-educated artist with just enough native eccentricity and capriciousness to keep him from getting bogged down in a school, or movement.
Act one showcased Broome's mobility and the occasional capriciousness of Hepburn as she drapes herself over furniture, legs slightly akimbo only to elegantly cross them or even reside on a fashionable ottoman Indian-style.