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Synonyms for capriciousness

Synonyms for capriciousness

the quality of being guided by sudden unpredictable impulses

the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

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Perhaps most important, a manager's success depends on the capriciousness of his or her superiors and the--impersonal--market (cp.
As the couple sidesteps through various scenes reinforcing McGurk's capriciousness and Ellis-Wiard's naivete - centered around an incessant quest for spare change to buy 40 ounce bottles of malt liquor - audience members get a painfully real glimpse into the world of survival on Eugene's streets.
We also had the mock gravitas of Bruce Merlin as the Grand Inquisitor and the lively singing and capriciousness of Elaine Richmond and Becky Gregson-Flynn as Gianetta and Tessa.
On a very basic level it's a true story but it also looks at the arbitrary nature of fate, the capriciousness of life and the triumph of the human spirit," claims Tennant.
Illinois joins 15 other states, the District of Columbia and most modern nations in rejecting the barbarism and capriciousness of the death penalty.
We had to put up with the capriciousness of the colonel, his delays (in 2009 he failed to show up to address parliament) his insults, his uniforms, his tents in our parks," Romano said.
Party officials played down her departure, putting it down to "female capriciousness.
And then a strangled nine-year-old; a stabbed fourteen-year-old; a strangled thirteen-year-old; murder after murder until the capriciousness of Negroes could no longer be sustained as a viable cause.
If you are brooding over some personal issue, they will soon distract you with their own worries such as the bewilderment they feel at the capriciousness of the other sex, who are perversely unable to see their finer points.
With the rise of the fashion industry in the late seventeenth-century Europe and European men's rejection of colorful fabrics and personal adornment, dress became identified with women and their supposed capriciousness.
Science takes a back seat to political correctness and bureaucratic capriciousness at today's FDA.
The capriciousness of the Terrible Tudors was exposed in a sketch that would not have been out of place in Rowan Atkinson's Blackadder.
Fairies--amoral, capricious, and inextricably tied to the natural world--allowed folks to understand the amorality and capriciousness of their existence without connecting events to a Calvinist narrative of causality, sin, and redemption.
However, this standard would become malleable to the point of capriciousness because it would be divorced from our objective standard of law based upon rights.
The manuscript makes it clear that this work was part of another larger work, since it is introduced by a reflection on the capriciousness of fortune in the last part of what was supposed to be a Chapter Two.