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flesh of a castrated male chicken

castrated male chicken

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the caponization effects on muscle quality and quantity before and after sexual maturity in male chicken caponized at different ages.
Table 2 presents the effect of early caponized on the muscle quantity and quality in 16-week-old male chickens.
This result agreed with Fennell and Scanes (1992a) who reported that the 12-week-old body weight of the 2-week-old caponized male SCWL chicken was higher than the intact male.
Late caponized male chicken possessed rapid low-tempered postmortem myofibril change and hence improve tenderness, which resulted in the more tender and juicy and flavor in capon meat (Chen et al.
Caponized males never get as tough as hens or cocks, and they grow bigger than either.