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Synonyms for capitulum

a dense cluster of flowers or foliage


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fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn

an arrangement of leafy branches forming the top or head of a tree

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Furthermore, the percentage of sexually mature individuals that presented with eggs in the cavity of the capitulum was used as an estimate of the brooding activity of this species (Lewis & Chia 1981, Cruz & Hawkins 1998, Cruz & Araujo 1999, Cruz 2000, Pavon 2003).
Capitulum 19 chides those who think they can understand the Bible without the aid of teachers or theological writings.
A one-way ANOVA with pollination treatment as a fixed effect was applied to data for production of achenes per capitulum for E.
Capitulum fractures are rare, particularly in children, (1) and involve only the articular surface of the lateral condyle.
A parallel usage in learned writing--combining the colores of repetitio and interrogatio--can be seen in the following capitulum from Bernold of St.
If needed, the device can be trimmed to create a wider shaft for use as a partial prosthesis that fits over the capitulum of the stapes.
Un rhan ydi rhan y pen a darnau y geg - y capitulum, a'r rhan arall ydi'r rhan ol - yr idiosoma ble mae'r coesau, y rhannau sy'n treulio'r bwyd a'r organau atgenhedlu.
Capituliform inflorescence (or capitate inflorescence or cephalodium): indeterminate inflorescence, similar to a capitulum or head, due to a pronounced shortening of the internodes on the main axis and branches of different order.
The fragment preserved is the lower portion of the mid-shaft and the capitulum, trochlea, lateral and medial epicondyles of the distal end.
Alvarez E, et al: Fracture of the capitulum humeri.
Maria dei Fran sisters must have been expected to participate, for the statute obliged both to ask the gastatdo (male warden) for permission to speak: "no brother or sister is allowed to stand up to speak in the capitulum without the permission of the gastaldo.
There are no chapter headings, nor any of the capitulum marks that occur throughout H.
argues that we must take Augustine seriously when he reports that he read not merely Roman 13:13-14, but the whole capitulum in which those verses occur.
This prosthesis contains a trough that accepts the remaining incus long process remnant and a hole that accommodates the stapes capitulum.