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Synonyms for capitulate

Synonyms for capitulate

to give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength

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surrender under agreed conditions

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It was disappointing how we capitulated at 2-0 and we are going to have to learn lessons quickly," he said.
Then, in March 2002 Bishop Kamphaus capitulated after being issued with a second order from the Vatican to stop supporting the counselling service in his diocese.
The Cherries doubled their advantage 12 minutes into the second period through Wade Elliott and a lesser side than Chester would have capitulated.
Rather than encouraging all churches to engage in a respectful dialogue, they have capitulated to the intransigence of conservative factions from both within the Anglican Communion and other denominations.
Ancic, aged 20 and ranked 20 in the world, and Rusedski traded serves for 20 games before Rusedski capitulated on the third set point.
Former party members stuck together and pulled for each other, and the new university administrators capitulated before this political pressure.
Arsenal were fantastic and destroyed us but we capitulated in embarrassing fashion.
Following on 219 runs behind, the hosts capitulated to 125 all out .
In time, however, a more established church capitulated to the larger patriarchal society and "forgot" its own liberating (and feminist) message.
After fighting Weyerhaeuser's hostile takeover for 14 months, Willamette capitulated in January, agreeing to sell the company for $7.
Bluebirds supremo Hammam is expected to make an announcement about his manager's future within the next 24 hours after Cork's side capitulated to a humiliating 4-0 thrashing at mid-table Wigan.
We are very, very disappointed that the Salvation Army has capitulated to the homosexual pressure," said AFA's Scott Lively.
When Bordon threatened to pull the plug on the Holy See, church officials capitulated.
When Stan Brakhage finally capitulated by making his first video, a shock wave went our through the film community.