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Synonyms for capitulate

Synonyms for capitulate

to give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength

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surrender under agreed conditions

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Frustrated by their own ineptness, it took one setback for Fulham to capitulate
Are we strong enough as a group to tough it out when things are against us or do we think it's acceptable to just collapse and capitulate, which is what we're doing too frequently?
Yet it often seems that his idea of a dialogue is standing before those who have differing views and bludgeoning them until they capitulate.
Short sellers are starting to capitulate, as the number of DHB shares sold short dropped by eight percent in October to 4.
2 MARTIN O'NEILL couldn't hide his disappointment after watching his Aston Villa side capitulate at home to well-drilled Wigan.
NEWCASTLE manager SAM ALLARDYCE admitted the pressure was back on after seeing his side capitulate in dismal style at Wigan.
But the the Wasps player said: "After this kind of experience, you can go two ways - capitulate, go home and think you're not as good as the opposition or strengthen your resolve to do something about it.
Faced with the prospect of a full-frontal assault, Novartis chose to capitulate, reporting that it had eliminated genetically engineered ingredients from all of its food products, including Gerber baby food.
If this morning's gap high is held, this could be the catalyst that forces some of the shorts to capitulate and gets Wall Street interested in the stock.
01 (1-100) on the exchange, only to capitulate close home, going down by three-parts of a length to Harry Crapper's runner - the first time a greyhound has traded at the minimum price possible on the betting exchange and been beaten, although it is a far from uncommon occurrence in horseracing.
Sure, if agent Scott Boras is willing to capitulate to their parameters for an agreement, general manager Bill Stoneman probably would listen.