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Synonyms for capitulum

a dense cluster of flowers or foliage


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fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn

an arrangement of leafy branches forming the top or head of a tree

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Capitulescences monocephalous, terminal; capitula pedunculate, homogamous, discoid; receptacle epaleate; involucre multiseriate.
Capitulescences monocephalous or two- to four-headed, racemose to spicate; capitula sessile to pedunculate, homogamous, discoid or ligulate; receptacle epaleate; involucre multiseriate.
The monospecific genus Tostimontia (Diaz-Piedrahita, 2001) from Sierra de Santa Marta in Colombia was distinguished from Jungia by the cespitose habit, peltate leaves with foliaceous bracts, and solitary capitula.
Capitulescences monocephalous or in cymes; capitula sessile to pedunculate, homogamous, discoid; receptacle epaleate; involucre multiseriate.
Most of the non-Asteraceae families with capitula are also closely related to the Asteraceae, making the presence of capitula an interesting synapomorphy between these highly evolved members of the A steridae.
In 2011 adult weevils from the capitula held in the screen house also started to emerge in early Jul (Fig.
This set of capitula are numbered 16 to 27 in Nurnberger's list:
Moreover, there is a lack of studies on longevity of capitula and its relationship to reproductive success.
Hepatoprotective activity of aqueous ethanolic extract of Chamomile capitula in paracetamol intoxicated albino rats.
Biomass production of chamomile capitula as a result of nitrogen and phosphorus.
Glissant parle ainsi de << non-histoire >>, du << raturage soigneux du passe >> et de << l'obscur de cette memoire impossible >>, quand, du cote anglophone, Derek Walkott estime qu'avec le temps, << l'esclave capitula devant l'amnesie >> (cites par Bonniol 2004 : 269).
The next time that you play clocks using a dandelion seed head with your child or grandchild, take note of what happens - each seed and its parachute breaks off from a central plate known as the capitula and floats away on the wind.
The sixth-century Regula Sancti Benedicti was enacted as the authority over the spiritual, liturgical and everyday aspects of early medieval monastic communities by Benedict of Aniane in the Capitula of Aachen (816-817), and was later enforced by a diversity of consuetudinaries which adapted its contents to the particular circumstances of the different Cluniac monasteries.
She also brings out the importance of the capitula lists of the early thirteenth century in preparing the way for the numbered chapters of the 'Paris Bible'.
The number of capitula per plant and the number of filled seeds per plant in safflower were shown to be linearly correlated with each other [17].