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Synonyms for capitulum

a dense cluster of flowers or foliage


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fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn

an arrangement of leafy branches forming the top or head of a tree

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Ten mature capitula (flowers senesced, but capitulum still closed) per site per week were collected as well and placed individually in plastic diet cups with cardboard lids and held in a screen house at ambient temperatures.
1): <<Etsi membra corporis Christi (Et infra) Provinciae Senonensis capitula cathedralium eccle-siarum suam ad nos querimoniam transmiserunt, quod archiepiscopus Senonensis et eius suf-fraganei procuratores eorum nuper ad provinciale concilium convocatos ad tractatum eorum admittere noluerunt, [cruz] licet nonnulla soleant in huiusmodi tractari conciliis, quae ad ipsa noscuntur capitula pertinere, quare nostrum audientiam appellarunt.
anthela of fascicles of spikelets, anthela of capitula (e.
41) La capitula de Laudes se refiere a la gloria Crucis; la capitula y la bendicion ad veseperum tratan de la victoria Crucis; las oraciones que integran las <<misas>> ad matutinum se refieren con frecuencia a la Resurreccion.
While capitula are consistently absent on the eggs of phasmids that bury or glue their eggs--in which case predation by birds and retrieval by ants is less likely--capitula are also missing in several species and genera that do drop their eggs, such as Ramulus (Hughes & Westoby 1992).
Because species of Asteraceae are dominant flowering plants and because of the lack of information regarding breeding systems and factors that can affect reproductive success, it is important to study modes of pollination and how life span of capitula and environmental conditions influence reproductive success.
41) Liber Pontificalis I, 373: "quaedam capitula extra ritum ecclesiasticum fuerant in eis adnexa.
Faustus was an old conversation-partner of Augustine's from his Manichean days, who later produced a series of Capitula impugning catholic Christianity, faulting it not least for its "Jewish" carnality.
37) Theodulf of Orleans's Capitula connects the penitential fast of Lent with baptism; just as penance cleanses the soul of earlier misdeeds (thus rendering the individual fit to receive the Eucharist at Easter), baptism washes the soul--even the cannibal soul--free of the sins committed in the individual's prior life.
Esta observacao e enganosa porque so aparentemente constitui um abrandamento; o que, na realidade, se diz e que a ratio nao capitula perante o misterio, mas so diante de um argumento mais forte e, assim, "provisoriamente" mantem o "que ate aqui lhe parece ser".
Capitula multa, radiata in paniculam pyramidalem apicibus ramorum disposita, inferne foliata, axi plerumque angulato-flexuoso, ramulis ascendentibus vel reflexis; pedunculi bracteolati.
ha pasado ya esa soberbia del arte que creia poder integrar en si mismo, de forma elevada, el placer anal; la ley de la forma capitula impotente ante lo feo".
Folia rosularia papiracea anguste-elliptica, utrinque attenuata, ad apicem acuta, basi in longo petiolo dilatata; rami floriferi cum foliorum rosula se aequantes vel paulo breviores ad basim foliorum paribus muniti; capitula pedunculata in cymis corimbiferis disposita, pedunculi capitulorum inaequales ipse deorsum longitudine aequantia simulans.
Capitula sessilia 4 -flora, 6-7 mm alta et 1-1,5 mm crassa; bracteis involucralibus 4(-5), 1-seriatis, oblongis, subacutis, glabrescentibw, 3-4 mm lo ngis et 0,5-0,8 mm latis; corolla tubulata, alba, 5-lobulata, lobulis triangulares 0,5 mm longis.
Platon phylosofus dixit: <<duo esse capitula in omnibus finis: una est bona et una est mala.