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a tax levied on the basis of a fixed amount per person

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Schools are expected to acknowledge receipt of the grant by issuing official receipts to the principal secretary for each of the two vote heads followed by receipts to each student for the capitation after they have signed form to be attached to payment voucher as per accounting procedures," the ministry said in a circular to school principals.
Concluding the Minister said: Extensive analytical work has been undertaken to develop updated components of the weighted capitation formula for allocating prescribing resources.
If any school is found flouting the guidelines, it shall be punishable with a fine of up to 10 times the capitation fee, or Rs 5 lakh, whichever is more.
But the issue of recouping capitation payments wrongly paid to GPs was cw complicated by the lack of a centralised system.
The transition to capitation would take some time as integrated health care delivery systems learn to manage capitation with improved information management systems and reeducation of physicians whose mindset is rooted firmly in the fee-for-service environment.
Because the providers receive capitation payments for members to cover most fixed costs, reimbursements should reflect actual provider outlays or variable costs of a large claim.
Further, we believe that over time the capitation scheme could be extended so that primary care physicians would keep track of the costs of their referrals and prescribed treatments, to encourage the most appropriate and cost-effective methods of treatment and make better use of total health system resources.
2010) found that practices under capitation used significantly fewer services than FFSs or salaried practices.
Otherwise," Prahlad notes, "they can't justify their hefty capitation fees.
The percent of primary care physicians' reimbursement that was paid on a capitation basis in health maintenance organizations (HMO), a proxy for HMO price bargaining leverage, was also associated with geographic variation in prices.
Capitation is defined as a contract arrangement whereby a purchaser agrees to pay health plans a fixed payment per capita/enrollee per month in return for which health plans assume responsibility for the provision of all covered services for their enrolled populations (Hurley, Freund, and Paul, 1993).
In general, the geometric expansion in the menu of services offered by EAPs has not resulted in commensurate increases in capitation rates.
General assumptions include critical assumptions, such as net monthly enrollment growth, average daily attendance at the PACE center, capitation rates and inflation factors, and capital requirements for building the PACE center.
The networks are compensated on a capitation basis.
The false promise of capitation is revealed when populations move, change plans annually or demand new technology not offered by last year's actuaries.