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Synonyms for capitate

the wrist bone with a rounded head shape that articulates with the 3rd metacarpus

being abruptly enlarged and globose at the tip

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Apical cell convex, smooth and capitates, outer membrane sometimes slightly thickened.
The PPS capitates a 60-day episode of home health modifying the agency payment for clinical and service use needs.
It too capitates PCPCs for their services and uses a 20-percent withhold.
The plan is designed to recognize potential failure of x-ray tubes, imaging intensifiers and CT tubes, and capitates it for a three year period.
As mandatory managed care that capitates both acute and primary care becomes the dominant form of health care delivery for the Medicaid population, it is important to have a clear understanding of how this model of care affects children.
Other factors that were found to significantly increase the likelihood of reporting an incentive to reduce services include being in a plan where the rate of patients referred depends on costs, having received communications from the health plan that discourage the physician from informing the patient about his or her financial interest in the care provided by the health plan, having a personal arrangement with a plan that capitates the practice for care provided, being paid a straight salary that lacks bonus and incentive options, being employed by a staff model HMO, and being located in a market with a high rate of HMO enrollment.
Moreover, specialist referral policies will vary among capitated provider organizations, even if the same HMO capitates each provider organization.
Transverse suture reaching the margin; the dorsal setae capitate, not reaching beyond the margin; numerous longitudinal wavy lines on the median area of each segment latus (Takahashi) --.