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Synonyms for capitate

the wrist bone with a rounded head shape that articulates with the 3rd metacarpus

being abruptly enlarged and globose at the tip

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Apical cell usually not capitates, sometimes very slightly so, sometimes with keritomized content, the outer membrane broadly convex and smooth (Fig.
acutesquamosa is characterized by pileus having light brown prominent scales which are thick in the centre, while fadded off towards margins, 2-spored basidia, ellipsoid to oblong, dextrinoid spores, calvate to capitate cystidia on the infertile margins of the lamellae.
Subchondral cysts were noted to involve the bilateral capitates, the left hamate, and the right scaphoid.
La mugre, las trampas, las cuentas falsas, la fuga de capitates cometidos por los banqueros de ocasion, llevaron a la bancarrota y a la intervencion de los bancos de gente imputada de pillo, como Carlos Cabal Peniche, con sus empresas Cremi y Union.
Initial evidence from the Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), which capitates acute and LTC for the frail elderly in 10 demonstration sites throughout the country, suggests reductions in hospital use and increased use of ambulatory and other non-institutional services (Kidder, 1996).
The health plan that capitates providers needs to maintain stop-loss insurance and have in its contract with providers specific details of the level of costs for any individual patient and of the aggregate costs of all patients over which costs will no longer be charged against the risk pool.
SIPH distally pigmented and basally pale and more than 2x cauda, which has 1 or more distal hairs short and blunt or capitates Uroleucon erigeronense --SIPH entirely pigmented or with a section in middle less dark than the proximal and distal sections 37 39.
The PPS capitates a 60-day episode of home health modifying the agency payment for clinical and service use needs.