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an offering of common stock to existing shareholders who hold subscription rights or pre-emptive rights that entitle them to buy newly issued shares at a discount from the price at which they will be offered to the public later

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95-19 indicates that an interest capitalization issue is under consideration if the taxpayer has received written notification, including an information document request, identifying a method or submethod as under consideration.
He is currently an independent consultant, advising media and technology clients on strategy, business model and capitalization issues.
Some banks are also dealing with capitalization issues.
The IRS continues to provide guidance for certain industries through its Industry Issue Resolution program, addressing capitalization issues and challenges unique to certain industries.
Timing and capitalization issues have been raised with regard to certain trade channel promotion expenditures.
WAM is best described as a relative value manager emphasizing mid-to-large capitalization issues with both value and GARP (Growth At a Reasonable Price) overlays.
In simplistic terms and ignoring the capitalization issues, a property that a building owner might realistically value at $1 million would be assessed at $450,000 by the city using its targeted 45 percent ratio, but assessed at $350,000 if using a generic 35 percent SBEA figure.
At the other extreme, the third segment of Qualivest Equity Fund consists exclusively of small capitalization issues managed by a third specialist.
The rating downgrades reflect the unresolved capitalization issues that have persisted for Asian Re due to continued reserve development stemming from the Thailand flooding losses and delay in execution of its capital infusion plan in a timely manner.
Mersereau also advises clients on capitalization issues relating to the tangible property "repair regulations.
It is particularly timely, given ongoing developments on capitalization issues.
Olson's work at the Treasury Department on tax shelters, capitalization issues, and simplification, as well as her continuing outreach to TEI and other tax organizations.
All 20 largest capitalization issues, except for Hanvit Bank rose.
Stocks traded on ``bulletin boards'' and ``pink sheets'' tend to be highly speculative, extremely small capitalization issues that trade for as little as a few cents a share, usually for good reason.